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Studio Network Solutions


New! Announcing EVO v5



EVO v5 is a beautiful blend of shared storage simplicity and performance, with just the right options to make it perfect for all your projects. The system includes the latest advancements in both hardware and software, starting under $7k.EVO v5 Shared Media Storage

Xtarget for OS X



Transform your Mac into an iSCSI SAN storage server with Xtarget software for OS X. Connect Thunderbolt, USB, and FireWire devices, then present the storage over Ethernet as iSCSI devices and share with Xsan or SANmp.
Xtarget Software

Pixl Family Raises the Bar



“EVO was the perfect fit for us… we need the flexibility to connect multiple workstations via Ethernet so we can all access the same project file. EVO gave us that ability to use all our existing technology instead of spending our clients’ budgets on new equipment.”Pixl Family

EVO Supports Adobe CS6



Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 + EVO. Edit, share, and protect your digital assets and content over Ethernet and Fibre Channel.



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