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Let’s face it, as an educator you are already facing a number of challenges. With overcrowded classrooms, tuition raises, funds for new technology decreasing in many cases, and student and community learning expectations increasing; you have a lot manage. Couple that with keeping up with the latest in media and entertainment technology, workflows, and best practices… being a media educator can be one of the toughest positions in our industry.

We are seeing new sources of acquisition hitting the market. From live streaming from handheld and sports cameras, smart phones, and tablet devices, to memory card and solid state drives on newer cameras, How much of this media is being transferred to local storage almost immediately to free up already needed space? As much as the acquisition and media sources are changing, as well as challenging, so are the delivery variables and methods. To stay competitive, you now need to know how to deliver to web, smart and tablet devices, podcast, social mediaas well as broadcast radio and television. SkyTech Media Solutions works with over 100 different product lines and manufactures covering everything from acquisition to delivery. It is our job as solutions architects to stay trained on latest developments and releases, case studies and deployments, and to continuously look for workflows that are not only efficient, but cost effective at the same time.

SkyTech Media Solutions works with the manufacture, our engineering team, and you to help build out or improve Onset or Location packages, Editing Systems, Storage and/or Archiving Systems, Asset Management Solution(s), and Streaming Solutions. We can also help with Individual or Facility Workflow Automation Solutions including project management, encoding, transcoding, quality control, and delivery. We provide sales, consulting, installation and training for end to end solutions such as editorial, graphics, visual fx, color correction, finishing / DI, and Online Editorial. We are also able to provide educational discounts through most manufactures.

By simulating real-world collaborative environments, these technology solutions showcase the artistic endeavors of students and connect academic institutions to the professional community. Equally important we work with you and your faculty to continue education and training on new product releases and updates so you don’t have to fall to far behind even the most eager of student filmmakers. SkyTech Media Solutions can also assist / consult with creating the correct workflow and bill of materials to help draft that  grant winning proposal, as well as help with the overall design & marriage of the adopted curriculum. SkyTech Media Solutions also has experience in dealing with RFP and RFQ, obtaining State and Local Vendor Certifications, as well as dealing with any union, labor, or construction concerns. 

SkyTech Media Solutions has the ability to help you bring all of the tools and resources to teach these workflows and practices to your students directly from your classrooms, or from there dorm room if they prefer. SkyTech Media Solutions takes on and understands the task of keeping up to date with ever changing technology, production & post production needs, and curriculum demands. Allow us to be your resource.

For more information on Education Products and Solutions, please contact me or fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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