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AvediaStream Chassis



Exterity AvediaStream TVgatewayTranscoder and Encoder blades must be installed in one of four AvediaStream chassis (1, 3, or 10 slots), which are designed for a wide range of organisational needs and budgets. All chassis are hot-swap enabled to allow movement or replacement of blade without powering down the entire unit. This saves time, and, in multi-slot chassis, avoids disruption to other IPTV services currently operating.

The 10-slot chassis offers redundant power supplies and hot-swap cooling fans for even higher availability.

AvediaStream c1101

  • Compact unit providing one video feed.
  • Perfect for smaller installations or organisations requiring specific additional features.

AvediaStream c1103

  • Supports three blades with a common power supply
  • Expands your possibilities with simultaneous support for both Encoders and TVgateways
  • 1U 19″ rack

AvediaStream c1110 and c1210

  • Our largest and most advanced IPTV chassis supports 10 blades with built-in redundancy
  • Passive backplane for high performance
  • Redundant power supplies for higher availability
  • Hot-swap cooling fans allow replacement without the need to power-down the unit
  • 4U 19″ rack


AvediaStream Chassis Monitor

The AvediaStream Chassis Monitor adds hardware monitoring to the Exterity 10 blade chassis (c1110 and c1210).

AvediaStream Chassis Monitor

  • Early warning of issues and changes via SNMP traps
  • Integration into IPTV control systems
  • Hot swap blade allows quick and non-intrusive upgrade to existing installations using Exterity c1110 and c1210 chassis.
  • Improves overall IPTV solution reliability
  • Visual indication of chassis and blade status via front panel LEDs

For more information about this product, please contact me or fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.




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