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iMedia is a small, privately owned software company, specialising in file and project management and providing technical consultancy of a high standard in a variety of technologies. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with individually catered solutions, taking the time to develop an understanding of your business and then using our expertise and our partners to find the perfect solution.

Ken Bell is our Managing Director.

Kevin Duggan is our Director of Product Development.

Robin Hunt is our Technical Director.

Bridget Cuttell is Marketing and Sales.


ConSol* is a well established and growth oriented high-end IT consultant and software development company that provides expert consulting and uses latest generation software technologies. Its extensive IT experience as an IT Service Provider, as well as the outstanding qualifications and commitment of our staff ensure that all of the solutions for our customers will be right on target, no matter how complex a project may be – ranging from consulting, software development and IT transformation to  IT service management. Our specialized know-how in open source monitoring, Web technology and CRM solutions complete our service-portfolio.

Ravindran Kuppusamy is the Project Lead for FocalPoint Server.

Bernd Wiserner is the Managing Director.

Daniel Wunsch is a Senior Software Architect.

Thoren Johne is a Senior Software Architect.



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