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E5-RU13 Electronics/Equipment Rack on Wheels


RU13 | Electronics/Equipment Rack on Wheels

E5-RU13 Electronics/Equipment Rack on Wheels

E5-RU13 Electronics/Equipment Rack on Wheels

The E5-RU13 Rack is designed to hold your equipment securely – whether it’s standing still or being moved from room to room.

  • Like other racks, the top is completely removable to access the front and rear sliding rack rails.
  • Unlike other racks, ours also has innovative pop-off sides that are independent of the rails and top.  Imagine being able to rewire or add components without having to remove everything from the top – and having light stream in from both sides.
  • In the entertainment industry, these racks are filled with expensive equipment and then rolled across movie lots, down carpeted and tiled halls, across door threshholds, and up elevators.  The rugged, steel-reinforced casters are literally industrial strength: They can hold up to 300 lbs. per wheel for a combined weight of 1200 lbs. of equipment.  Two of the casters lock to hold the rack in place.

The racks can be combined with either the E53 or E54 Multimedia Console, where they tuck neatly underneath the desktop, or can stand alone to hold your printer, large LCD TV, and other heavy equipment.


RU13 Dimensions

  • 23 1/2″ wide by 29 3/4″ deep by 27 1/2″ high
    What Else is Included

  • Wheels (steel-reinforced casters) are included but not required
  • Levelers
  • Metal frame, rails and bolts
    Color and Finish

  • Phantom Gray Matrix Textured desktop and monitor bridge with black powder-coated sides, framework and hardware

RU 13 Retail Price:

For more information about this product, please contact me or fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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