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AvediaPlayer Software Clients



AvediaPlayer Software clients deliver highly interactive viewing via PCs, Macs and digital signage solutions

  • Watch any HD or SD video content available on your existing IP network
  • Select from live broadcast TV, Radio or VoD content
  • Supported by Mac and PC platforms
  • Use the Programme Guide to browse channel schedules
  • Pause and resume live TV
  • Select audio language when available from the channel
  • Easy to use interface with programme summary

Video and TV on PCs

AvediaPlayer Software Clients give users easy access to TV and video channels on your IP Network. These channels can include on-demand and scheduled video channels, Freeview, satellite, decrypted TV, and live encoded video from DVD/Blu-ray players and video cameras etc. Exterity offers various different software clients to adapt to specific organisational needs:

  • AvediaPlayer Desktop enables centrally managed user viewing of any IPTV content on networked PCs and Macs.
  • AvediaPlayer Plugin integrates with a wide variety of 3rd party digital signage systems and other dedicated application platforms to display HD TV and video content.
  • AvediaPlayer Viewer delivers live HD TV and video streams via PC desktop applications

As part of an Exterity Building IPTV solution, AvediaPlayer Software Clients deliver four primary benefits:

  • Rapidly roll-out video services using existing PC resources
  • Easily distribute multiple channels to hundreds or thousands of users; add users without affecting picture quality
  • Eliminate the need for separate coaxial TV network
  • Transform any Windows-based PC into an easy-to-use TV and personal video recorder (PVR) (avediaCentre only)

AvediaPlayer Desktop is a software module for the AvediaServer video storage, delivery and management platform. It enables multiplatform delivery of TV and video to any networked PC or Mac without client installation, for even greater scalability, ease of management and user convenience.

With AvediaPlayer Desktop, highly-interactive access to all content provided or managed by AvediaServer now requires nothing of the user beyond clicking a link, delivering instant scalability to every PC or Mac in the organisation.

AvediaPlayer Viewer is an easy to use desktop application which providesAvediaPlayer Viewer channel selectorvideo and audio playback. Channels from the Exterity head-end are discovered automatically, making it easier than ever to play video on your PC.

The AvediaPlayer Viewer enables play back of live TV and video streams via PC desktop applications including Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office and Cisco Show and Share. Organisations seeking to incorporate video and live TV into applications such as PowerPoint and Outlook will now be able to do this across their entire network.

This will allow businesses to develop corporate TV channels within Outlook that run alongside employees’ emails, and incorporate live TV and centrally stored video assets into corporate presentations to make content more impactful and engaging.

AvediaAvediaPlayer ViewerPlayer Viewer supports the integration of video content into a webpage, allowing organisations to develop compelling and interactive corporate intranet sites and materials for employees, visitors and end-users using their existing IP network.

For more information about this product, please contact me or fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





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