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With Atempo products, organizations can protect, manage, archive, and recover digital information simply and effectively—across any infrastructure, on any platform, over any period of time.

Whether it’s managing the data growth with a fixed budget, meeting regulatory compliance, or simply preventing data loss, organizations face new and increased business and operational challenges when managing their digital data. Atempo’s comprehensive portfolio of integrated software solutions includes: backup and recovery for complex data center environments, continuous data protection of desktops and laptops, and long-term archiving of files and email messages.


Atempo Time Navigator
Secure, highly scalable data protection for complex environments

Built for complex, heterogeneous enterprise environments, Atempo Time Navigator offers complete data protection, whether you manage a single work group or multiple data centers. Atempo Time Navigator makes it easy to meet backup windows, to ensure digital security, and to manage tiers of backup storage, regardless of the platform, application or media.


Atempo Live Navigator
Unified data protection across any location, server and endpoint device

Our newest data protection solution, Atempo Live Navigator makes it easy to protect data on desktops, laptops, and file servers. For complete enterprise data protection, Atempo Live Navigator also integrates with Atempo Time Navigator and its advanced deduplication technology. From endpoint devices to remote and branch offices, Atempo Live Navigator reduces the cost and failures associated with protecting and recovering data across all your enterprise systems.


Atempo Live Backup
Transparent, continuous data protection for desktops and laptops

Atempo Live Backup gives end users and IT staff peace of mind knowing that data on laptops and desktops is automatically and continuously backed up and available for instant recovery if a PC crashes or is lost or stolen. Atempo Live Backup has no impact on end user performance or network workload.


Atempo Digital Archive
File archiving for storage management and long-term preservation

Atempo Digital Archive allows organizations to cost effectively manage the growth of their file-based data, particularly for data-intense industries like media & entertainment, scientific research and healthcare. Atempo Digital Archive also reduces the burden of e-discovery and ensures long- term retention of critical business data in compliance with government regulations.

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