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Web-based Digital Signage & Broadcast Systems

Where ease of use meets epic functionality, that’s where you’ll find Tightrope. We make communication tools that provide the latest capabilities while offering the utmost reliability. Tools that do most of the work for you. Tools that get out of the way. Tools you’ll take for granted even as they make you look like a hero.
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Carousel is a state of the art, full featured digital signage system that goes to work right out of the box.
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Broadcast Automation, Multi-Format Video Playback Servers, and Instant Replay Machines.
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Personalized training and customized graphics for your system.

Digital Signage from Tightrope

A Complete Solution
Carousel Digital Signage, Tightrope Creative and our world class training and support ensure that your digital signage projects achieve their objectives and get off the ground quickly. Carousel is easy to use, easy to manage, and scales from one display to hundreds. Carousel is in use at thousands of corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, and small businesses throughout the United States.

Carousel Digital Signage
With Carousel, everything is browser based, so there’s no software to deploy. It integrates with room scheduling software, pulls in weather, RSS and video feeds. Upload flash, video and graphic files or enter messages directly with easy to use templates.

Tightrope Creative
Tightrope offers a complete range of creative services to make your digital signage project as turn-key as you want it to be. We offer pre-built channels, customization, and we even offer custom design services for a truly unique look.

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