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Cache-A Archive Appliance Products

Products enabled by LTO-4, LTO-5 and LTO-6 Technology
Appliance based solutions to protect your content for the long term
One tool to manage your media data onto and off of Archives

Easily archive digital source media

  • Long-term protection for source masters
  • Simple workflows to protect your valuable footage
  • Quickly offload content and redeploy field media
  • Works stand-alone or with off-load applications like Shot-Put or R3DDM
  • USB 3.0 connectivity, eSATA, USB, and ExpressCard connectivity depending upon model

Easily archive projects

  • Archive complete projects in the edit suite
  • Cross-platform, cross-application works with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premier, Discreet and more
  • Project files, graphics, footage, stills, shot lists — all your data can all be saved in one place
  • Networked archiving means access from every workstation on your network

Built-in catalog for easy recovery

  • Cache-A remembers every tape it’s ever seen – Search by file name or user metadata
  • Share Catalogs across multiple Cache-A systems
  • Works stand-alone or with digital asset management applications like CatDV or Axel
  • Works with shelf-stored content or with library options on Pro-Cache and Power-Cache models

LTO Archive Appliances for Media Professionals

Cache-A’s LTO based archive appliances provide networked storage systems to professional video customers that are simple to deploy and allow users a way to easily transfer their content to secure, portable, exchangeable LTO tape cartridges.

network and direct attached archive appliances

  • Cache-A Archive Appliances provide the most integrated networked archiving solution in post
    • Works with Macs, PCs and Linux/Unix Machines
    • Solutions with Avid and Final Cut Pro
    • Solutions with Apple’s Final Cut Server, Square Box’s CatDV and Axel’s Asset Management software, R3Data Manager, Imagine’s HD Log and Shot Put, Marquis’ Project Parking, and more…
  • Archiving made easy with Cache-A Archive Appliances
    • Application independent – no special software needed
    • Easy to deploy – plug and play on any network
    • Self-contained appliance is a complete solution
  • Direct connect media devices for the fastest archiving path on Cache-A systems:
    • Hard disk drives and camera storage devices plug right in over eSATA or Firewire (depending upon model)
    • Acquisition card readers directly accessible over USB
    • Pro-Cache models offer an ExpressCard slot to accommodate future direct access connections as they evolve

One Archive Appliance for every step in the Digital Content Creation Process

  • Archive Source Masters of Field Footage
    • Cache-A archive appliances are compact, self-contained and easy to operate — on a network or stand-alone in the field
    • Ingest footage to our disk share and archive-to-tape happens automatically in the background
  • Archive Complete Projects in the Edit Suite
    • Project files, Graphics, Footage, Stills, Shot Lists — all your data can all be saved in one place
    • Multiple versions of your projects and content can all be placed on the same tape
  • Interchange Content on Cache-A Tapes
    • Because Cache-A tapes have a directory on each tape, they are “self-describing” letting any Cache-A system see what is on any Cache-A tape
    • Cache-A tapes are written with standard “tar” format and your data can be restored by anyone with an appropriate generation LTO drive anywhere
    • Cache-A LTO-5 and LTO-6 systems can also read and write in the emerging standard for interchange known as LTFS (linear tape file system) which allows full file system viewing and access interchange with any other LFTS equipped system from any vendor or open-source installation
    • LTO tapes cost per GB has continually dropped over time, and is now well under 3¢ per GB and provide 30 Year “IT industry” archival life

Cache-A archive appliances provide networked storage direct to data tape.  This solves a critical need in the Entertainment Industry by providing an economical, archive quality media on which to store file-based content.  Every tape cartridge contains a directory of its content making each one a self-contained asset repository that can be shipped around the world and stored for long periods of time.  The content can be retrieved regardless of the application or software environment that recorded it.   This is important for both portability and longevity since the software and OS environment that recorded a cartridge may not be available across locations or may not persist in time for 10, 20, or even 30 years.

The Cache-A LTO-4 drive based archive appliances will hold 800GB per cartridge, equivalent to more than 60 hours of 25 Mb/s Standard Definition or more than 15 hours of 100 Mb/s High Definition (HD) content. Cache-A LTO-5 drive based appliances nearly double that capacity to 1500GB per cartridge. Cache-A LTO-6 drive based appliances provide 2.5TB per cartridge capacity. All Cache-A appliances can provide archiving via fast file transfers over Gigabit Ethernet at data rates around 75MB/s and faster using 10GB Ethernet or other transfer technologies such as direct attached storage.

Cache-A Archive Appliance Features

  • Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
    • Ease of deployment
    • Fast transfers – up to 75MB/s
    • 10 GB Ethernet solutions now available on our newest products is 10 times faster
  • Browser based FTP client
    • Works across all major OS platforms
    • No additional software needed
  • File directory on each cartridge
    • Each cartridge is self contained
    • No external database or metadata required to access content
  • High capacity, robust data tape cartridge
    • Standard IT LTO media
    • 30 year shelf life
  • Metadata content aware
    • Embedded support within the directories for extended media metadata
    • Add user metadata for every file, directory and tape
    • Search for content by file name, directory name, by tape or by any user metadata such as Location or Keywords

For more information about this product, please contact me or fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cache-A Archive Appliance Benefits

  • Portability & Interoperability
    • Access on standard networks from any OS –
      Mac, PC, or Unix/Linux
    • File directory on each cartridge
    • Robust high capacity cartridge
  • Content Interchangeability
    • Between facilities
    • Between field acquisition and post production
    • Between Cache-A’s within a facility, catalog sharing allows every system to display and search all content
  • Low cost
    • Only about 3 cents / GB
      Ease of deployment
    • Standard Gigabit Ethernet Networks
    • Works with existing OS platforms
  • Durability
    • Rugged media cartridge
  • Long shelf life
    • 30 year shelf life
    • Independent of today’s software environments



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