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Telestream Vantage Workflow Automation & Management Software

GPU Accelerated Transcoding
Intelligent Workflow Orchestration

Telestream Vantage® is a complete family of world-class video transcoding and workflow solutions – from single-server installations for automating transcoding, to very large, multi-server systems that produce and assemble millions of finished media packages.

Vantage transcoding workflows make content production, multi-screen delivery, and device interoperability a hands-off process. Add automated decision making and enterprise-class system management to take your workflow to the next level.

Vantage brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis – into a unified system. Groundbreaking process design allows you to build a flexible, scalable system while delivering predictable, visible, reliable results.

Vantage 5.0 Product Overview Video

Vantage Product Family

Transcode / Transcode Pro
Vantage transcoding products utilize the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most extensive workflow management and system support.
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Transcode Multiscreen
Vantage Transcode Multiscreen is the only transcoding solution which combines the quality of x264, GPU acceleration, and complete workflow automation for multiscreen encoding. Transcode Multiscreen can automate the entire process of creating adaptive bitrate packages, including content ingest, transcoding, packaging, encryption, delivery and notification.
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Transcode IPTV VOD
Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD allows you to achieve the highest possible video quality at the lowest bit rates. With GPU accelerated transcoding, full integration of x264 H.264 encoding technology, and Manzanita multiplexing, Transcode IPTV VOD offers a complete solution to automate transcoding for IPTV and Cable VOD production.
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Workflow Orchestration
Vantage workflow products enable the design and automation of intelligent video workflows and offers a wide range of partner integerations to enable a fully unified workflow.
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System Management
Cluster servers together to create fully redundant, load balanced systems for high-volume processing and mission-critical workflows using Vantage Array.  Vantage provides a high level of visibility and a deep level of management and control.
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Lightspeed Server
Lightspeed Server accelerates Vantage video and H.264 processing with GPUs and multicore CPUs to provide the best image quality in the least amount of time. Housed in an efficient 1 RU server, Lightspeed Server reduces rack space, power and cooling requirements while meeting increased output capacity needs.
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For more information about the Telestream family of products, or for a consulatation, call (310) 922-1631


Telestream Workflow Automation Traffic Manager

Automate receipt and distribution of digital media
at your TV facility

TrafficManager diagram

TrafficManager automates the way TV stations move and manage commercials and syndicated content received from digital delivery services. With Telestream’s world-class FlipFactory workflow automation engine under the hood, TrafficManager automates the entire process from ingest to playout, including media receipt, dub list matching, notification, tracking, previewing reformatting and delivery to destination devices.

Streamline the entire process

  • Monitors edge servers and local sources for the arrival of new content
  • Consolidates media and metadata in a single traffic monitoring application
  • Notifies your operator and creates a proxy for viewing
  • Enables access to metadata and additions such as House ID
  • Includes automatic audio analysis and gain correction
  • Communicates with leading station automation systems
  • Integrates with leading asset management systems
  • Supports automated ingest of HD media from DG FastChannel, On The Spot Media, Exteme Reach, and more
  • Ingests from SDI tape or live sources using optional Pipeline video capture
  • Transcodes media to formats suitable for digital file transfer to broadcast servers and edit suites

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or for a consultation, call (310) 922-1631

Telestream Flip Factory Video Transcoding Software

Automate Your Video Transcoding Workflow

For over a decade Telestream FlipFactory has been the standard by which all other video transcoders have been measured, providing broad format support and deep system integration. Telestream’s next-generation transcoding solution, Vantage, picks up where FlipFactory left off, providing more format support, new levels of speed and quality, plus extensive workflow design, automation and system management capabilities. If you are new to FlipFactory, we suggest you learn more about Vantage.

FlipFactory Diagram
  • Transcodes between more than 120 formats & wrappers
  • Directly integrates with all major systems
  • Set up factories once for hands-free processing
  • Used in thousands of business critical applications
  • Video transcoding and workflow operation
  • Responsive worldwide team of technical experts
  • Prices starting at $5,495
For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Telestream Agility 2G & Avalon

Agility 2G — Produce & publish from
any video source to any outlet

AdManager for Cable diagram

Enterprise-class On-demand Video Production and Management

Now, more than ever, media companies have a great opportunity to drive additional revenue from online and on-demand syndication of video. However, this opportunity comes with great operational challenges, particularly as the number and diversity of outlets increase. Agility 2G was built to meet the demands of the rapidly changing video industry, and over the past decade it has become the preferred on-demand video production and management solution for more than 700 leading media companies.

Agility 2G offers even greater scale and flexibility to handle the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, high-volume throughput. Agility 2G provides the reliability you need to tackle the latest requirements in premium, on-the-spot production across multiple distribution outlets, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, making it easy to deploy.

Agility 2G enables you to:

  • Produce and publish from any video source to any outlet
  • Automate and customize outlet-sensitive media enhancements
  • Utilize the fullest range of advanced, enterprise-quality production technology
  • Ensure reliability and unmatched performance and scalability
  • Deploy quickly and integrate seamlessly with existing systems

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Telestream AdManager for Cable

The Powerful Way to
Automate receipt and distribution of commercials
at your cable facility

AdManager for Cable automates the way cable and cable advertising companies receive and redistribute commercials, VOD content and other digital media. With Telestream’s world-class FlipFactory workflow automation engine under the hood, the entire process is automated from ingest to playout, including receipt, notification, tracking, previewing, reformatting and delivery to destination devices.

Streamline the entire process

  • Monitors edge servers: DG FastChannel, Extreme Reach, On The Spot Media, Radiance, Spot Genie, DMDS, Hula MX – plus edit systems, FTP sites & other sources for the arrival of new content
  • Allows your Traffic department to access and review metadata and media
  • Reformats & delivers content to: HQ, MVL or other servers and archives
  • Single collection point for aggregation, tracking & review of all types of incoming media
  • Removes the need for manual intervention a saves time & labor
  • Reduces risk of lost revenues due to dropped spots or other errors
  • Preserves media quality throughout the entire process
open quote mark AdManager will provide faster throughput and relieve daily congestion.”

– Clint Blackburn, Digital Encoding Manager/Local OnDemand at Charter Media Operations Center

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Telestream Episode Video Encoding Software

Multiformat Video Encoding


for Post Production and New Media workflows

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


Telestream Flip4Mac Play, import, convert & make Windows Media on your Mac.


Luminous, high quality media playback

Watch all the popular video formats
With Flip Player, you can play everything QuickTime supports by default such as MOV and MP4/H.264/AAC. More format support can be added through QuickTime components. Flip4Mac is the official Windows Media player on the Mac and adds support for WMV and WMA to Flip Player. Telestream is committed to extending format support in future releases of Flip Player to provide official and legal multi-format support.

Brilliant playback on Retina Displays
With Flip Player, your videos look crisp and clear even on the highest resolution Retina Display monitors.

Non-intrusive navigation controls
Flip Player dynamically fades-in navigation controls only when you need them and never on top of your video. With a simple, uncluttered design, Flip Player makes it easy to navigate through your video. Scrub, fast-forward, rewind, skip, jump or step, without ever obscuring your video content.

Distraction-free viewing
For brilliant and distraction-free video playback, use the Dim Lights feature to dim the background of your screen. Get full pixel-to-pixel fidelity without any scaling or interpolation.

Navigate like a pro  
Professional video editors will love this! Player Pro adds JKL navigation and Command/Period stepping to provide more efficient one-handed playback control. And even if you’re not a professional video editor, these controls are fun to use!

Slow-Motion playback  
Slow down playback of your video to one quarter the speed. Use JKL commands to easily switch between normal and slow motion playback.


Upgrade for premium editing features including scale, rotate, crop and trim

Scale your video to virtually any size. You can easily type in a custom resolution for your video numerically, or drag from any side to resize. Alternatively, the handy preset menu will let you scale to popular mobile, computer and TV resolutions.

Zoom in or change the dimensions of your video with an easy-to-use graphical cropping feature. Like scaling, the cropping feature lets you easily type in a new custom dimension for your video, or drag and drop to graphically change the size. Easily constrain your final viewing window by using the presets for 16:9 or 4:3 dimensions.

Click a button to rotate your video 90 degrees within your player window. Simple and fast.

Trim the beginning, the end, or any portion out of the middle of your video. Simply use your mouse to set in and out points or use I/O shortcuts. For frame-accurate trimming combine with JKL navigation and frame stepping controls – just like a professional editor!


Easy export capabilities for import into iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, Mail,
iPhone Ringtone and Final Cut Pro

Convert your videos
The free Flip Player allows you to convert your media using easy-to-use export templates optimized for import into applications such as iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, or Mail; or for watching movies on your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV.

Add additional export options  
Upgrade to Player Pro for additional export options to iPhone Ringtone and Final Cut Pro, plus you can convert WMV and WMA to other formats via the included Flip4Mac.

iPhone ringtone export  
Create a ringtone from your favorite video or audio clip! In Trim mode, set in and out points quickly and export your favorite movie scene to the iPhone Ringtone preset.

Telestream product integration
Export to other Telestream applications that you have installed, such as Episode, ScreenFlow, and Wirecast.

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

SkyTech Media Solutions is proud to be a reseller for Telestream


www.skytech.tv              780 Roosevelt St., Irvine, CA 92620               Office (818) 533-8759              Direct (310) 922-1631

SkyTech Media Solutions provides a complete product line to help our clients work faster and more efficiently. Whether it is Onset or in Post environments, we can offer products and workflows to assist our clients from acquisition to delivery. Contact SkyTech Media Solutions for all of your software & hardware needs.  Here is a complete list of our product line-












Peerless Systems


Focal Point Server









Grass Valley

Power Production



Premier Mounts



Pro Connect



Promise Technology


HOSA Technology


Bella Corp










ITS Enclosures




Smart AVI

Borris FX









Cal Digit



Cambridge Imaging Systems

Logic Keyboard

Studio Network Solutions


Marshall Electronics





CI Design















Data Video


View Sonic






Western Digital

What to Look for in an H.264 Video Encoder Today’s video encoders are mostly similar and mostly good, said Robert Reinhardt at Streaming Media East. Still, there are a few features to seek out.

At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, encoding expert Robert Reinhardt (founder of VideoRx.com) told attendees what to look for when buying an H.264 encoder.

“There’s effectively three qualities that I think anyone would look for in a good encoder: quality, speed, and cost,” Reinhardt said. “All three of these factors all working together, I feel, probably make up 90 percent of the decision-making that goes into any encoding workflow, and I think most of us really care about the first one that I put up there, which is quality.”

While video quality is central, Reinhardt cautioned against trying to have it all.

“Typically, you’re probably only going to get two of these pieces of the pie way more than the third,” Reinhardt said.

The good news is that every encoder can handle basic tasks pretty well nowadays. The decision, then, rests with smaller features. Once the basics are covered, what next? Codec options, for one thing.

“Beyond that, what do I look for in an H.264 encoder? I’m going to look for multiple H.264 codec options,” Reinhardt said. “I only really care about one these days — that’s x264. I’m not saying that Main Concept isn’t any good, but Main Concept just seems to have a certain set of options, x264 has others. When it comes to adaptive streaming, you have much finer control in x264.”

For more on what to look for, such as B-frame controls and profile control, watch the full video and download Reinhardt’s presentation.

Posted on July 16, 2013

For more information about H.264 Encoders, please call (310) 922-1631 or

Technology Partners Deliver Complete Production Ecosystem for Caribbean Cable Sports Giant SportsMax

(June 18, 2013) With 23 countries in the Caribbean tuning into sporting content from SportsMax, it has become one of the most successful cable sports channels in the world. Parent company, IMC, founded in 2002, are rights holders for the world’s top sporting content including the 2006, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

For the 2012 London Olympics, SportsMax took on its most ambitious challenge; bringing the Olympics to the Caribbean, 24 hours a day in real-time from London. And an even bigger challenge to the production team at Sportsmax, getting a new production pipeline up and running in less than three weeks. “We knew we needed a SAN solution to serve as central storage for the Olympics,” stated Kerry Gibbons, Executive Producer, Production & Technical Operations and Creative Director, SportsMax. “What we ended up with was a much-needed complete overhaul of our entire workflow.”

One of the biggest issues for SportsMax is that investing in an entire studio of new equipment is unaffordable. The Jamaican dollar is currently at 100 to 1 USD making what would cost $50,000 in the states, a half a million dollar purchase in Jamaica. To this point, choosing the right equipment, and the right technology partners and suppliers is not just crucial but a necessity.

Broadcast audio and video consultant, Carlos Sezumaga of Enhanced View Services, assessed the workflow situation for SportsMax. “I was concerned about the inefficiencies in their workflow,” explained Sezumaga. “Or as some at SportsMax have called it, all work and no flow. Not only were they facing the technological challenges that are common in a live production environment but a constantly growing frustration amongst staff which was leading to a reduction in productivity.”

After a week long visit to SportsMax HQ in Kingston Jamaica, Sezumaga designed a strategy for solving the workflow issues then reached out to Technology Partner, JB&A, who helped put together an entire production ecosystem that could handle, not only their needs for the London Olympics, but take them into the future with a solid infrastructure.

“We knew that without the right system in place, it would be total chaos,” said Gibbons. “We had two 14 person teams in London and over 100 people in the Studio in Jamaica–many of whom were students learning on the go. We weren’t sure if we could get a new system in place in time, but Carlos and the team at JB&A made it happen.”

The Olympic broadcast required capturing six different feeds from Satellite and Fibre, coming into the Studio in Jamaica. They had six logging stations set up running 24 hours a day, an all Mac workflow for the Olympics with a mix of iMacs and Mac towers running both Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. With the London team in place and a Studio set up in Jamaica, there were six TV programs running at different times daily producing 12-18 hours of content a day. Quick turnaround on edited footage was essential, often needing to insert relevant clips and/or stills on the fly during broadcasts. Without a clear asset management system in place, no centralized storage, archiving and backup solutions, or the ability to ingest the Satellite feeds, this would have been impossible.

To handle these demands, the newly defined workflow ecosystem from JB&A consisted of several components working together in concert: EVO Shared Storage Server from Studio Network Solutions (SNS) to serve as the central storage hub; CatDV digital asset management application from Square Box Systems to manage, organize and categorize all the multimedia assets; Pipeline Dual HD from Telestream for ingest of the Satellite feeds to EVO and CatDV for shared storage live logging respectively and; Cache-A LTO to archive the files created from the Satellite feeds after the content was created.

Together with Sezumaga, Enhanced View Services and JB&A,the new ecosystem was installed onsite at SportsMax. Lead by Sezumaga, this “dream team” of technology and broadcast specialists worked cohesively to install, train and support the project through the completion of the Olympic games. “This was a team effort,” stated Sezumaga, “It couldn’t have happened without any of the facets missing.” A technician from SNS was also on site in Jamaica to do the install and training of the EVO system.

“We’ve come a long way since I started 14 months ago,” said Gibbons. “With this new system, everything is more manageable. We could never have pulled off the this unprecedented achievement, broadcasting the Olympics to 23 Caribbean countries, without this new system in place. The more we use it the more we love it. SportsMax is well positioned for the future.”