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Telestream Flip Factory Video Transcoding Software

Automate Your Video Transcoding Workflow

For over a decade Telestream FlipFactory has been the standard by which all other video transcoders have been measured, providing broad format support and deep system integration. Telestream’s next-generation transcoding solution, Vantage, picks up where FlipFactory left off, providing more format support, new levels of speed and quality, plus extensive workflow design, automation and system management capabilities. If you are new to FlipFactory, we suggest you learn more about Vantage.

FlipFactory Diagram
  • Transcodes between more than 120 formats & wrappers
  • Directly integrates with all major systems
  • Set up factories once for hands-free processing
  • Used in thousands of business critical applications
  • Video transcoding and workflow operation
  • Responsive worldwide team of technical experts
  • Prices starting at $5,495
For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


Telestream Flip4Mac Play, import, convert & make Windows Media on your Mac.


Luminous, high quality media playback

Watch all the popular video formats
With Flip Player, you can play everything QuickTime supports by default such as MOV and MP4/H.264/AAC. More format support can be added through QuickTime components. Flip4Mac is the official Windows Media player on the Mac and adds support for WMV and WMA to Flip Player. Telestream is committed to extending format support in future releases of Flip Player to provide official and legal multi-format support.

Brilliant playback on Retina Displays
With Flip Player, your videos look crisp and clear even on the highest resolution Retina Display monitors.

Non-intrusive navigation controls
Flip Player dynamically fades-in navigation controls only when you need them and never on top of your video. With a simple, uncluttered design, Flip Player makes it easy to navigate through your video. Scrub, fast-forward, rewind, skip, jump or step, without ever obscuring your video content.

Distraction-free viewing
For brilliant and distraction-free video playback, use the Dim Lights feature to dim the background of your screen. Get full pixel-to-pixel fidelity without any scaling or interpolation.

Navigate like a pro  
Professional video editors will love this! Player Pro adds JKL navigation and Command/Period stepping to provide more efficient one-handed playback control. And even if you’re not a professional video editor, these controls are fun to use!

Slow-Motion playback  
Slow down playback of your video to one quarter the speed. Use JKL commands to easily switch between normal and slow motion playback.


Upgrade for premium editing features including scale, rotate, crop and trim

Scale your video to virtually any size. You can easily type in a custom resolution for your video numerically, or drag from any side to resize. Alternatively, the handy preset menu will let you scale to popular mobile, computer and TV resolutions.

Zoom in or change the dimensions of your video with an easy-to-use graphical cropping feature. Like scaling, the cropping feature lets you easily type in a new custom dimension for your video, or drag and drop to graphically change the size. Easily constrain your final viewing window by using the presets for 16:9 or 4:3 dimensions.

Click a button to rotate your video 90 degrees within your player window. Simple and fast.

Trim the beginning, the end, or any portion out of the middle of your video. Simply use your mouse to set in and out points or use I/O shortcuts. For frame-accurate trimming combine with JKL navigation and frame stepping controls – just like a professional editor!


Easy export capabilities for import into iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, Mail,
iPhone Ringtone and Final Cut Pro

Convert your videos
The free Flip Player allows you to convert your media using easy-to-use export templates optimized for import into applications such as iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, or Mail; or for watching movies on your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV.

Add additional export options  
Upgrade to Player Pro for additional export options to iPhone Ringtone and Final Cut Pro, plus you can convert WMV and WMA to other formats via the included Flip4Mac.

iPhone ringtone export  
Create a ringtone from your favorite video or audio clip! In Trim mode, set in and out points quickly and export your favorite movie scene to the iPhone Ringtone preset.

Telestream product integration
Export to other Telestream applications that you have installed, such as Episode, ScreenFlow, and Wirecast.

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

SkyTech Media Solutions is proud to be a reseller for Telestream


www.skytech.tv              780 Roosevelt St., Irvine, CA 92620               Office (818) 533-8759              Direct (310) 922-1631

SkyTech Media Solutions provides a complete product line to help our clients work faster and more efficiently. Whether it is Onset or in Post environments, we can offer products and workflows to assist our clients from acquisition to delivery. Contact SkyTech Media Solutions for all of your software & hardware needs.  Here is a complete list of our product line-












Peerless Systems


Focal Point Server









Grass Valley

Power Production



Premier Mounts



Pro Connect



Promise Technology


HOSA Technology


Bella Corp










ITS Enclosures




Smart AVI

Borris FX









Cal Digit



Cambridge Imaging Systems

Logic Keyboard

Studio Network Solutions


Marshall Electronics





CI Design















Data Video


View Sonic






Western Digital

Matrox Mojito Max H.264 Video Encoder

SDI/HDMI/analog HD/SD video and professional audio I/O card plus H.264 encoding acceleration

SDI/HDMI/analog HD/SD video and professional audio I/O card

Lightning fast H.264 encoding too!

Not only does Matrox Mojito MAX give you broadcast-quality input and output for your favorite editing app, it also turbocharges your H.264 encoding for deliveries to the web, mobile devices, and Blu-ray—in a single ¾-length PCIe card.

Only Matrox I/O devices deliver H.264 video
up to 5 times faster without sacrificing quality

If you’re delivering H.264 content for the web, mobile devices, Apple TV, and Blu-ray discs, you know how painful it can be to wait for the long encoding times needed to create high-quality video files using software only. You might even be tempted to sacrifice quality for speed. With Matrox Mojito Max, you no longer need to even consider making that trade off. Read more

Get the most from your favorite apps

Matrox Mojito MAX amplifies your productivity with all the industry’s leading editing and content creation software for Mac and PC, as well as a wide variety of H.264 encoding, Blu-ray authoring, and streaming applications.

For more information about the Matrox family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Matrox Mojito 4k H.264 Video Encoder

4K video monitoring card


Matrox Mojito 4K offers post-production professionals a fluid editing experience with uninterrupted playback, which lets them see every pixel of every 4K frame in real time for crafting breathtaking content. Matrox Mojito 4K lets you finish your productions while monitoring up to 4Kp60 for Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Monitor up to 4Kp60

True 4Kp60

Unlike professional broadcast monitors that accurately display your video in full resolutions and with proper color representation, computer monitors don’t have the ability to show every pixel, nor can the system GPU account for color space conversions. Matrox Mojito 4K provides an editing and monitoring solution that supports true 4Kp60 so you know that what you see is what you are delivering.

compare video resolutions from SD to 4K

SD to 4K

Not every job is the same; you might shoot in 4K but need to deliver a 2K or even an HD version. Matrox Mojito 4K can monitor any finishing resolution including SD, HD, 2K, QFHD (Quad Full-HD), and 4K, so you can take on any job.

caliper measuring 10-bit color space

10-bit color precision

To accurately judge your video content when editing, it is best to view it in its native resolution and color space. Matrox Mojito 4K provides the highest quality video editing experience by outputting projects with 1:1 pixel accuracy and 10-bit color precision to the monitor.

Audio meters with volume amplitude

16 audio channels

Just like video deliverables change from job to job, so do your audio requirements. From multi-language projects to 7.1 surround mixes, Matrox Mojito 4K supports up to 16 channels of embedded audio. Choose from working with a simple stereo mix to surround sound and beyond for all your post-production needs.

Adobe Video Tools icons

4K editing for professionals

Editing is just one step in your post-production process. Acquiring your digital media, and adding graphics and special effects to your project are also key parts of a professional workflow. Matrox Mojito 4K provides monitoring for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Prelude CC, Adobe Speed Grade CC, and Adobe Encore CC through the Adobe Transmit Engine. Matrox Mojito 4K also provides artists with WYSIWYG tools for Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Photoshop CC, which let them see their work as the audience sees it.

For more information about the Matrox family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder $495


Capture from broadcast decks to SD and HD H.264 files!

Now it’s easy to distribute your client’s H.264 video files to websites, YouTube™, iPhone™ and even iPad™ Blackmagic Design’s H.264 Pro Recorder handles capture from all popular video formats so you can encode directly from professional broadcast decks! Only $495


Professional Encoding

H.264 Pro Recorder is for the industry professional who needs professional encoding from SDI, HDMI, analog component/composite and balanced audio! H.264 Pro Recorder includes Blackmagic Design’s powerful Media Express for frame accurate deck control with EDL import! Media Express lets you encode on Mac and Windows!


Highest Quality Video Capture

H.264 Pro Recorder allows you to select between SDI, HDMI and analog component video inputs. You can select to take audio from the SDI, HDMI or stereo balanced analog audio input jacks. H.264 can be connected directly to HD or SD video sources because the SDI, HDMI and analog component inputs all switch between formats. This means you can capture from HDCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVD players and more!


Maximum Flexibility!

The perfect low cost way to capture from professional broadcast decks directly to SD and HD H.264 files! With new ways of delivering content to consumers, now it’s easy to capture old or new programming content into the same file format used on the web, iPad™, iPod™, iPhone™, Apple TV™, YouTube™ and more! Capture directly from SDI, HDMI and component analog video with embedded SDI, HDMI and balanced analog audio inputs. RS-422 deck control is included with software for Mac and Windows!


Preserve Archive Footage

Old videotapes are delicate and have a limited life. With old videotapes deteriorating and decks that can play them getting rare, encoding video is the only way to preserve valuable footage! Use H.264 to archive old programming, news footage and other materials that might be on old videotape formats, before the tapes deteriorate and the content is lost forever. With H.264 Pro Recorder, all captured files are digital, and in the popular H.264 file format, so your content will never deteriorate and will be preserved forever!


Media Express Software Included!

Blackmagic Media Express is included free with H.264 Pro Recorder. Media Express lets you batch capture your H.264 files with an attractive user interface that’s a pleasure to use, even after hours of encoding work! You can even create your own playlist from captured files. Media Express also supports CMX EDL import and frame accurate deck control via RS-422, so you can fully automate batch capture of multiple H.264 files! Media Express is fast, accurate and easy to use and works on Mac OS X and Windows! Read more >

For more information about Blackmagic Design’s family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631

Blackmagic Design Video Recorder $149


Quick and easy H.264 encoding all in realtime!

Capture video direct to H.264 video files for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube and even full resolution video backups! Only $149


Video Recording for a New Age!

Now you can capture analog video from VHS, Video-8, video cameras and more, direct to the H.264 file format as used by iPod™, iPhone™, Apple TV™ and YouTube™. Blackmagic Video Recorder plugs directly into your computer’s USB and includes easy to use software. Get the highest quality video capture from any component video or regular video device. Blackmagic Video Recorder eliminates time consuming processing because it captures into the native file format of your mobile device. It can even copy to iTunes ready for syncing!


Highest Quality Video Capture

Regular video input is included, plus you can select super high quality component video for incredible quality movies. Use regular video input to capture from VHS machines, televisions, Video-8 cameras, and any other composite video device. Use super high quality component video for capture from set top boxes, DV cameras or DVD players*.


Easy Cropping Tools

Sometimes analog video has black borders, or VHS switching at the bottom of the picture. Easily adjust the cropping to make perfect movies every time! Simply slide the cropping tool along until any artifacts are removed. This means all your captured media will be pixel perfect without annoying black lines at the edges.


Exciting Recording Options

For recording videos automatically, you can set the recording time so you can walk away and recording will stop at a specific time. If you’re uploading movies to YouTube, then you can select to auto segment files into 9 min segments, or if you want to put captured videos on CD’s you can also select to segment recording into 700 MB sized files.


Capture Direct for your Mobile Device

To make capture easy, simply select the device you want to capture for. The Video Recorder software will automatically set the size and quality for you! If you’re using a custom device, then just enter the resolution and data rate you need for your media files, and Video Recorder will take care of all scaling.

Sorenson Squeeze 9 See What’s New….

New in Squeeze 9

Streamlined Workflow

Enhanced UI — first major update since Squeeze 6. Enjoy improved search and cleaner batch window.

Optimized For HTML5

Generate video files and HTML5 markup for multi-screen playback by simply choosing a single preset.

Even Better Quality & Speed

Up to 6x faster than competitors with multi-core encoding, enhanced quality, and better adaptive bitrate encoding.

Pre-/Post-Roll Stitching

Add your branding or other content on-the-fly to the beginning and/or end of an existing video.

Seamless Review & Approval

Even more responsive web pages for reviewing video content on any device with your free Sorenson 360 account.

Closed Captioning

Support for EIA-608 and CEA-708 closed captioning in source video and corresponding TTML output. Also closed caption pass-through.

Versions of Squeeze for Everyone

Squeeze Standard

The most trusted encoder and perennial award winner. Great videos, professional output and easy workflow.

Squeeze Pro

Everything available in Squeeze Standard plus Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes (Mac only), and more.

Squeeze Premium

Run Squeeze Pro on a Windows server. Automate your encoding workflow with Squeeze’s familiar interface.

Squeeze Upgrades

Upgrade to 9 today from any previous version, and enjoy the fastest, most feature-packed Squeeze yet.

For more information please contact me or fill out the form below and I will get back to you shortly. Thank you.