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Fiber Channel Switches


Fibre Channel Networking Switches


QLogic 9000 Fibre Channel Switch

QLogic 9000 Series

The QLogic Stackable Modular Fibre Channel Switch is ideal for cost sensitive, business-critical, open system environments that require a high-density, high-availability switch platform for their data center core. The QLogic 9000 Series pioneers a number of industry firsts: stackable for simple, cost-effective scalability, 4U chassis for smaller footprint, and management tools included at no charge.

QLogic 5200 Fibre Channel Switch

QLogic 5000 Series

The QLogic 5000 Series Stackable Switches support 4Gb and 8Gb servers and storage – all connected by the world’s fastest SAN backbone, with Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) that provide 20Gb throughput. The switches not only deliver the performance you need today, but also provide a simple migration path to 8Gb for the infrastructure of tomorrow.

QLogic 3800 Fibre Channel Switch

QLogic 3000 Series

The QLogic 3000 Series offers the simplest and most affordable way to share the capacity of Fibre Channel storage devices among multiple servers. Maximize the value of your RAID and tape library investments with simultaneous direct server connections via a state-of-the-art Storage Area Network.

Enterprise Fabric Suite

Enterprise Fabric Management Tools

QLogic Enterprise Fabric Suite is a suite of tools for setup, configuration, fabric management, fabric monitoring, performance monitoring, and configuring the extended distance capability on QLogic Fibre Channel Switches. Manage an unlimited number of switches and an unlimited number of fabrics from a single application, all for one price.

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