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EditShare XStream scaleable storage, Field 2 portable storage, Energy workgroup storage

Optimized for video workflows, all EditShare storage systems deliver unbeatable performance plus a powerful suite of collaboration tools. Whether you use Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Lightworks, or another NLE application, EditShare lets you safely share both media and projects for the ultimate in efficient post production. On top of that, all EditShare storage systems include Flow asset management and Ark backup and archiving software. No other storage solution gives you so much value. Which model you choose all comes down to what you need.

XStream Storage

Our highest-performing, most scalable solution. Single systems can grow to over 600 TB and support hundreds of users. Put multiple XStream systems together for unlimited scalability.

Xstream Storage | store media assets without limits. Single systems grow to over 600 TB and support 100s of users. EditShare XStream ships with:
EditShare Flow
EditShare Ark

Store your media assets without limits. As your storage needs grow so can your XStream servers, easily.

XStream storage allows you to keep expanding without loss of performance and without the costly hassle of upgrading to a new system.

Energy Storage

The perfect balance between high-performance, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Energy Storage | the perfect balance between high-performance, cost-effectiveness and scalability. EditShare Energy ships with:
EditShare Flow
EditShare Ark

Field 2 Storage

EditShare storage in a quiet, expandable, portable form-factor. Fits into the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft. Get collaborative editing in a hotel room. Run a small news bureau office. Or deploy in any other setting where space is limited. Optional integrated Flow SDI supports two-channel Edit-While-Capture ingest for fast-turnaround events.

EditShare Field 2 ships with:
EditShare Flow
EditShare Ark

For more information about this product, please contact me or fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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