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Adobe Encore Reaches End-Of-Life

by Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS)

Some potential bad news for DVD and Blu-Ray creators using Adobe products. Adobe has announced that Encore, their DVD / Blu-Ray creation software, has reached End-of-Life status. This means there will be no Encore CC.

According to a FAQ section on Adobe.com, “The trend in the video and broadcast industry is moving away from physical media distribution. The future is in cloud and streaming content. Therefore we are focusing more on products that deliver to streaming services. For example, Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Premiere Pro CC include a new feature allowing users to create iPad-ready video with QuickTime chapter markers. The Encore CS6 version will be the final release of this product.”

Encore CS6 is still available for those subscribing to Creative Cloud, though it will no longer be updated. As far as technical support goes, Adobe says, “Yes, Adobe will continue to offer support for installation and registration issues associated with Adobe Encore. Additionally, the online support resources will allow customers to access existing documentation, as well as tap into community support via the product forums. Customers who have maintenance agreements with Adobe can be confident they will continue to receive support for the duration of their contract.”

A few things to note about using Encore with Premiere Pro CC – dynamic linking will no longer work between Premiere Pro CC and Encore CS6.

But what about OS updates? Adobe’s website says, “Encore CS6 is supported on Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit) and Mac OS X v10.6.8 or v10.7. Please note that Encore CS6 support for future operating system updates or new hardware platforms will not be provided.” Or in other words, wait for someone else to test a Windows 8.1 machine for Encore CS6 compatibility before upgrading your Windows-based box if you require Encore CS6.

This is not the first DVD-authoring package to reach end-of-life status. Apple’s DVD Studio Pro was done away with in 2011. It had been part of Final Cut Studio, which was discontinued shortly after the introduction of Final Cut Pro X. Even then, DVD Studio Pro was essentially the same piece of software from 2006 until Final Cut Studio’s demise in 2011.

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Technology Partners Deliver Complete Production Ecosystem for Caribbean Cable Sports Giant SportsMax

(June 18, 2013) With 23 countries in the Caribbean tuning into sporting content from SportsMax, it has become one of the most successful cable sports channels in the world. Parent company, IMC, founded in 2002, are rights holders for the world’s top sporting content including the 2006, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

For the 2012 London Olympics, SportsMax took on its most ambitious challenge; bringing the Olympics to the Caribbean, 24 hours a day in real-time from London. And an even bigger challenge to the production team at Sportsmax, getting a new production pipeline up and running in less than three weeks. “We knew we needed a SAN solution to serve as central storage for the Olympics,” stated Kerry Gibbons, Executive Producer, Production & Technical Operations and Creative Director, SportsMax. “What we ended up with was a much-needed complete overhaul of our entire workflow.”

One of the biggest issues for SportsMax is that investing in an entire studio of new equipment is unaffordable. The Jamaican dollar is currently at 100 to 1 USD making what would cost $50,000 in the states, a half a million dollar purchase in Jamaica. To this point, choosing the right equipment, and the right technology partners and suppliers is not just crucial but a necessity.

Broadcast audio and video consultant, Carlos Sezumaga of Enhanced View Services, assessed the workflow situation for SportsMax. “I was concerned about the inefficiencies in their workflow,” explained Sezumaga. “Or as some at SportsMax have called it, all work and no flow. Not only were they facing the technological challenges that are common in a live production environment but a constantly growing frustration amongst staff which was leading to a reduction in productivity.”

After a week long visit to SportsMax HQ in Kingston Jamaica, Sezumaga designed a strategy for solving the workflow issues then reached out to Technology Partner, JB&A, who helped put together an entire production ecosystem that could handle, not only their needs for the London Olympics, but take them into the future with a solid infrastructure.

“We knew that without the right system in place, it would be total chaos,” said Gibbons. “We had two 14 person teams in London and over 100 people in the Studio in Jamaica–many of whom were students learning on the go. We weren’t sure if we could get a new system in place in time, but Carlos and the team at JB&A made it happen.”

The Olympic broadcast required capturing six different feeds from Satellite and Fibre, coming into the Studio in Jamaica. They had six logging stations set up running 24 hours a day, an all Mac workflow for the Olympics with a mix of iMacs and Mac towers running both Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. With the London team in place and a Studio set up in Jamaica, there were six TV programs running at different times daily producing 12-18 hours of content a day. Quick turnaround on edited footage was essential, often needing to insert relevant clips and/or stills on the fly during broadcasts. Without a clear asset management system in place, no centralized storage, archiving and backup solutions, or the ability to ingest the Satellite feeds, this would have been impossible.

To handle these demands, the newly defined workflow ecosystem from JB&A consisted of several components working together in concert: EVO Shared Storage Server from Studio Network Solutions (SNS) to serve as the central storage hub; CatDV digital asset management application from Square Box Systems to manage, organize and categorize all the multimedia assets; Pipeline Dual HD from Telestream for ingest of the Satellite feeds to EVO and CatDV for shared storage live logging respectively and; Cache-A LTO to archive the files created from the Satellite feeds after the content was created.

Together with Sezumaga, Enhanced View Services and JB&A,the new ecosystem was installed onsite at SportsMax. Lead by Sezumaga, this “dream team” of technology and broadcast specialists worked cohesively to install, train and support the project through the completion of the Olympic games. “This was a team effort,” stated Sezumaga, “It couldn’t have happened without any of the facets missing.” A technician from SNS was also on site in Jamaica to do the install and training of the EVO system.

“We’ve come a long way since I started 14 months ago,” said Gibbons. “With this new system, everything is more manageable. We could never have pulled off the this unprecedented achievement, broadcasting the Olympics to 23 Caribbean countries, without this new system in place. The more we use it the more we love it. SportsMax is well positioned for the future.”

Adobe Software Moves to the Cloud: What Users Need to Know


in Post-Production,Production
on Jun 24, 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud, the latest update to the Adobe application suite of programs, was released last week. This release marks a major change for Adobe away from a “purchase” model to a subscription model; if you want the latest versions of their applications you must now pay a monthly fee to use the software. You can license an individual application for $20 a month, or the whole suite for $50 a month. Clearly, even if you think you only need After Effects and Premiere Pro, you might as well spring for the whole set, and if you have a previous version of their software you may qualify for a discounted first year. The suites of software devoted to a particular type of creative, such as Production Premium, are no longer offered.

Adobe does say that they plan to continue to sell, at least for now, Creative Suite 6 as a regular purchase.

The Creative Cloud also adds more emphasis to sharing files through the network, though it’s important to note that applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects are still installed on your computer. The subscription component requires that the applications “phone home” every 30 days to check the validation, but if you pay for a yearly subscription the applications can be offline for up to 99 days.

Like past major releases, this update sees a number of changes to existing applications, though not all applications have been updated, and some of the changes are more major than others. One of Adobe’s claimed reasons for switching to a subscription model is that they will be able to release updates as they become available rather than having to wait for each major release cycle. Upgrading remains at user discretion, so you don’t have to change the software in the middle of a major project.

Here’s a quick look at some of the changes to Adobe’s video and audio applications:

SpeedGrade. The color grading tool that first appeared in CS6 gets some interface changes, film stock emulations, a Luma Waveform scope and a Look Manager to save and reuse grades. A new Shot Matcher matches the color look of a source image to the current clip.

It’s important to note that what we are not doing here is just matching black and white point and exposure. That’s really easy. What we’re doing is using the overall colorimetry of the file or the clip that we are matching from. Way more powerful. But it’s not magic. It’s not going to give us dynamic range where there is no dynamic range. It’s not going to make a GorPro look like an Alexa. -Colin Smith, Sr. Solutions Consultant

Premiere Pro. Adobe continues to refine the interface of Premiere Pro, making the process of working within the timeline faster and easier. The Join Through Edits function “heals” unnecessary cuts that don’t indicate a break in the footage. New Paste Attributes functionality lets you choose the desired effects to paste from one clip to another, while effects badges on clips in the timeline provide a way to quickly access the effects applied to a clip. Premier Pro now indicates frames from a clip that are used more than once in a sequence. Scripts and metadata from Adobe Story can be displayed in the new Adobe Story panel, and Closed Captioning is now supported within the application.

After Effects. The new release of After Effects sees new Rotoscoping tools, along with some changes in the labeling of existing parameters in the Roto tool. There’s also a new Pixel Motion Blur effect that analyzes video footage and creates a motion blur based on the motion in the clip.

The most significant update is the new Live 3D pipeline, which creates tighter integration between After Effects and Cinema 4D. You can now create a Cinema 4D file within After Effects, modify it in Cinema 4D and see the results immediately in After Effects without having to render them. A copy of Cinema 4D Lite R14 is also included.

Audition. The audio editor adds a preview editor panel that shows the effect of any changes you are making to the waveform. Pitch Bending changes the tempo over time by drawing and editing an envelope on the waveform. Other changes include enhancements to multi-track editing, a new sound remover effect and TC Electronic Loudness Radar meter plug-in.

Sonnet Echo 15 Thunderbolt Docking Station

Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock - Thunderbolt Docking Station

Connect Your Computer and Peripherals Together with One Cable

Sonnet’s Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock enables you to connect any computer with a Thunderbolt port to your peripherals through a single Thunderbolt cable (sold separately), an especially handy ability for notebook users. Simply plug in your printer, keyboard, mouse, cable modem, headphones, speakers, microphone, and iPhone® or iPod® dock, and other devices to the Echo dock with their supplied cables, and connect your computer to the dock with a Thunderbolt cable. When it’s time to disconnect your computer, just unplug the Thunderbolt cable! The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock gives you plenty of interfaces to choose from, including USB 3.0, eSATA, FireWire® 800, Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5 mm audio input, 3.5 mm audio output, and Thunderbolt.

Computer Peripherals

Optical DVD or Blu-Ray Disc

Your Choice of DVD±RW or Blu-Ray Drive

If you’ve purchased a new iMac®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro® with Retina® Display, or one of many Ultrabook™ computers, you may have noticed something’s missing—an optical drive. Not to worry, the Echo 15 Thunderbolt dock has you covered—it includes your choice of DVD±RW drive, or Blu-ray Disc™ player (BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW). For those who purchase the Blu-ray drive model, you’ll find the included Blu-ray player software for OS X® is very handy, enabling you to watch Blu-ray movies on your computer or attached monitor.

Key Features

Connects Your Peripherals with One Cable—Connect your peripherals to the Echo dock; connect your computer to and disconnect it from the dock using one Thunderbolt cable (sold separately)

Provides Multiple Interfaces—Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, SATA and eSATA, FireWire 800, and Gigabit Ethernet

Adds an Optical Drive to Your Computer—Choose between an 8x DVD±RW drive or, optionally, a Blu-ray disc player (BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive)

Adds Blu-ray Movie Play Support for OS X—When purchased with the Blu-ray drive option, Mac Blu-ray player software is included

Supports Internal Hard Drive or SSD Installation—Install a 2.5″ or 3.5″ 6 Gb/s SATA drive inside the dock

Flexible Design—Front and rear USB 3.0 and audio ports, plus the ability to be placed horizontally or vertically, provide the dock great flexibility in use

Wide Range of Display Connection Options—Select from a variety of inexpensive Mini DisplayPort to popular display interfaces such as HDMI, DVI, VGA and Dual-Link DVI

Compatible with Thunderbolt Macs—Supports any Mac with a Thunderbolt port running OS X 10.8.2+

Rugged Aluminum Design with Multiple Ports

Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock Port LogosSonnet designed the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock for maximum flexibility in use. The rugged aluminum case may be set horizontally, or vertically to save space on the desktop. For your convenience, USB 3.0, audio input, and audio output ports are placed on both the front and back of the enclosure, so you can leave frequently used devices connected to the back, and Aluminum Logoconnect devices you disconnect more often to the front. Dual Thunderbolt ports enable the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock to support daisy chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals, and to be placed anywhere in a Thunderbolt device chain. You can even connect a Thunderbolt display, or other monitor type with an appropriate adapter, so you’re not limited to a single type of display interface. Depending on the display, you could even place it on top of the Echo dock.

Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock Overview

Space for More Storage

Sonnet designed the Echo 15 Thunderbolt dock with extra space, mounting hardware, and connectors for you to install a 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA HDD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid state drive). The fast 6 Gb/s SATA interface supports an HDD at its maximum speeds, and an SSD at up to 380 MB/s. Add a high-capacity drive to use as your Mac computer’s Time Machine® drive, to back up your Mac’s drive, or to store your ever growing media library. Or, you can add a high-performance SSD for blazing-fast access to applications and files. Best of all, the drive sits inside the Echo dock, so you don’t have to clutter your desk space with an external hard drive and its power brick and cable clutter to add more storage. Don’t feel like adding a drive yourself? Sonnet also offers the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock equipped with a 2TB HDD on the DVD±RW drive model and 2TB or 4TB HDD on the Blu-ray drive model, available exclusively through the Sonnet online store. The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock also supports booting from an installed drive on your Mac, enabling you to make repairs to or recover data from a problematic drive in your computer.

Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock Time Machine Backup

Add an Internal Drive for the Perfect Time Machine Backup Companion.
The Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock supports the installation of a 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch 6 Gb/s SATA HDD or SSD, providing you an ideal solution for adding storage capacity to use as your Mac computer’s Time Machine drive, or to back up your Mac’s drive, without having to connect another external drive and its power brick.

Connecting a Display to the Dock

The Thunderbolt port on your computer is essentially a Mini DisplayPort video connection that adds high speed PCIe for data. This means that there is a broad range of inexpensive adapters (sold separately) that can bridge between Mini DisplayPort and common display interface types. Display interface types that can be connected to your Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock via Thunderbolt include:

• Thunderbolt Display – Direct Connect
• Mini DisplayPort – Direct Connect
• HDMI – Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
• Dual Link DVI – Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter
• DVI – Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter
• VGA – Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock Connected to Thunderbolt Display
Thunderbolt Display Adapters

We are excited about being a reseller for Blackmagic’s 4K Production Camera

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

World’s most portable 4K
digital film camera!

Shoot Ultra HD TV or 4K feature films with the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. You get a large Super 35 size sensor with professional global shutter combined with precision EF mount optics, high quality visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)™ file recording for a complete self contained solution. The built in touchscreen lets you monitor, change settings and enter metadata directly on the camera!


Stunning Beauty of 4K

Utilize the power of 4K resolution in your work


The latest high end televisions and video projectors support Ultra HD which is four times the resolution of 1080 HD. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K creates visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ) files that are perfect for editing and grading with the software tools you already own.

Now you can shoot the most amazing high resolution music videos, episodic television productions, television commercials, sport, documentaries, interviews and feature films. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K features a single 6G-SDI output for incredible Ultra HD live production.

Uses -top
4k -logo

Premium Quality

Compact solid metal design

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is precision engineered for quality in an incredibly small size. You get a beautifully crafted design featuring a machined aluminum chassis, EF lens mount for interchangeable optics, high resolution 4K Super 35 size sensor, global shutter, visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ) file format. With built in uncompressed audio recording you can record professional audio straight to the ProRes files and totally eliminate separate audio syncing during post production.

Uses -bottom

Large Super 35 Sensor

With a large Super 35 size sensor you get familiar framing and behavior from the lenses you already own! The sensor features a global shutter so you get perfect panning and with minimal crop factor you also get beautiful wide angle shots from your wide angle lenses. If you’re working in HD you’ll love the freedom to reframe and zoom into shots without any resolution loss, and when down scaling from 4K to HD you get incredibly smooth and clean images.

LensesCanon Cinema Zoom 14.5-60mm T2.6Zeiss Planar T* 50mm T1.4 ZEZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 28mm T2.1Schneider Cine-Xenar III 18mm T2.2

EF Compatible Lens Mount

Supports the world’s best lenses

With the EF compatible lens mount you can choose high quality optics that are designed to take advantage of the large Super 35 size sensor with minimal cropping. Use the world’s most amazing optics from leading lens crafters like Canon, Zeiss and more, with full electronic control!

The EF compatible lens mount means you’re not locked into a specific lens, so you have the freedom to work with professional cinema lenses using rails, follow focus and other professional accessories!

Ssd -recorder

Super Fast SSD Recorder

Capture 4K ProRes™ directly
to a removable SSD!

With a built in SSD recorder, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K easily captures 4K in ProRes 422 (HQ) and compressed CinemaDNG files. You get a 4K camera designed from the ground up to be part of your post production workflow! Capturing to a removable SSD means that once you’ve finished shooting you can simply connect the SSD to your computer and edit or color correct your shots straight from the disk! Disks can be formatted in either HFS+ or exFAT for Mac and Windows compatibility.

Record Times for 4K Resolution using ProRes™

  • 240Gb

    36 Mins

  • 480Gb

    72 Mins

Open File Formats

Standard files for your NLE

Unlike traditional cameras that record obscure file formats that take time to convert before you can start post production, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K records directly to files that are compatible with your editing software. The wide dynamic range of the Super 35 size sensor can be mapped into the quantizing range of the file, so you can color grade shots with greater detail in highlights and shadows. If you’re working fast, simply select ‘Video’ and shoot in regular REC709 color space.


Beautifully Crafted Design

Machined from solid aluminum for strength and beauty

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has been designed with portability and durability in mind. With standard connections and an internal battery inside a beautiful machined aluminum design, you can be confident that the Blackmagic Production

Camera 4K will easily handle the rigors of location work! A high resolution LCD display shows settings such as shutter speed, color temperature, aperture and timecode in an easy to read status strip.

Easy to Use Touchscreen

Enter metadata on the camera

Use the capacitive touchscreen to access menus to change settings such as recording format, shutter angle and more! Double tap the screen to zoom into the image for fast and accurate focus. Tap once on the screen to display the metadata entry page where you can enter information such as shot number, search tags, scene number, timecode and more. You can even set shot number and other data to increment automatically! This metadata saves directly into your files and is compatible with popular editing software. Managing your files in post production is now much simpler!

fact1-imperial.pngTouch Screen


Dynamic Range

Higher image quality means even more grading power

With 12 stops of dynamic range you get amazing looking images beyond those of regular video cameras or even the highest end broadcast cameras. All this dynamic range is captured into ProRes or CinemaDNG files at 4K resolution, so images retain a

beautiful film look. By capturing more detail from the sensor you can make creative decisions during DaVinci Resolve color grading! You can really push the shadows or highlights in either direction and preserve fine details in the image!

Dynamic -rangeCommon DSLR ShotRAW Wide Dynamic RangeFinal Color Graded Shot

Standard Connections

No need to buy expensive
custom cables!

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K uses standard connections, so you never need to source custom cables! It includes a 6G-SDI connection for Ultra HD resolution or down converted HD output over a single SDI cable. The built in Thunderbolt connection lets you plug into a laptop computer and use the included UltraScope software for real time waveform monitoring. There are 1/4” jack mic/line inputs for recording the highest quality uncompressed audio, plus a 12V to 30V DC input, a 3.5mm headphone input socket and LANC remote control!

Icn -third -party -software
Advanced Technology

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K includes advanced technologies for high resolution Ultra HD TV and 4K film production.

Icn -design
Elegant Design

With its machined aluminum chassis, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is both elegantly styled and super tough.

Icn -uses
Shoot Ultra HD

Use the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K for feature films, documentaries, live events and more!

Icn -accessories
Loads of Accessories

Use the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K with a wide range of lenses and third party accessories.


Grass Valley’s “Director”

GV Director (PRELIMINARY INFORMATION)Masterful Multitasking

Create, Collaborate, Control

The GV Director™ Nonlinear Live Production System is the ultimate multipurpose tool for live production. Integrating video switching, multi-layer effects, animated graphics, multiviewer monitoring, and more—all in a single, intuitive, and highly creative system, GV Director may pack small, but it sure produces big.

Step On Up: GV Director raises the creative bar for all event producers by removing the typical complexity of production and simplifying pre-production and production processes using one intuitive and dynamic platform. Starting from scratch or using a pre-built template, sophisticated productions are easy since elements can be created, packaged, and saved offline using a Mac or PC, then delivered live when needed. With the ability to collaborate and share work-in-progress, producing highly creative and valuable content is ensured.

Control Your Universe: GV Director brings it all together—switcher, video server, graphics generator, and multiviewer display—in a simple, powerful, and creative workspace for live monitoring and switching. GV Director’s interface gives you the choice of how you want to work. There’s a smart control surface with touchscreen panel, assignable buttons, a T-bar, and a multiviewer, as well as a keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor for maximum operational flexibility.

Small, Yet Mighty: While GV Director’s unmatched production capabilities are powerful on its own, it can also be teamed up with GV STRATUS® nonlinear production tools to add ingest, logging, content management, NLE integration, and router control. Its compact form factor boosts deployment flexibility and makes GV Director ideal for various environments

Key Features

  • 8 HD/SD inputs and 4 HD/SD outputs
  • 8 SDI embedded audio inputs (16 embedded audio tracks maximum), 4 SDI embedded audio outputs, 2 analog inputs, and 4 analog outputs
  • Multicodec video support: MPEG & DV
  • Standard media file import: MXF & MOV
  • DVI output supporting optional touchscreen monitor interface
  • Supported graphics formats: Targa (TGA) type 2 (uncompressed RGB) in 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA formats (top/bottom-first bit supported) and BMP in 24-bit uncompressed RGB
  • Brand new and revolutionary nonlinear live production workflow
  • Small form-factor, fully integrated solution including:
    • Switcher capability
    • Real-time graphics engine
    • Clip store/clip player
    • Multiviewer
  • Empowers creative processes before and during live productions
  • Ease of operation – emphasis on creativity not technical knowledge
  • Create Once and Publish Everywhere (COPE): the complete look and style of a production can be created offline—with full preview—via the authoring tool (Mac or PC) and published to multiple live locations

Preserve with Atempo Digital Archive

Simplify Management of Your Video & Multimedia Files

Atempo’s digital archive and backup products protect and preserve valuable content throughout all stages of your workflows, from protecting newly ingested footage to archiving completed projects. Whether you’re a small post-production boutique or a broadcast media giant, Atempo data management solutions scale to fit your needs. With Atempo, you can be sure data will never be lost and all content will remain accessible not only during edit—but also perpetually in a long-term archive.

Preserve with Atempo Digital Archive

Atempo Digital Archive allows you to move content from primary storage to near-line and deep archival storage—both disk and tape. With Atempo Digital Archive, you can maximize storage capacity, especially for high definition workflows, while preserving content for later re-use.

Atempo Digital Archive also offers a drag-and-drop user interface that allows editors to archive completed projects directly from primary storage—and retrieve projects archived by others. In addition, Atempo Digital Archive can automatically migrate files based on policies you set up specifically for your environment, such as file age, owner or type. Atempo Digital Archive also offers a plug-in to Apple’s Final Cut Server that allows you to archive projects or individual assets using the Final Cut Server user interface. The plug-in also allows archiving to tape, not just local disk, directly from Final Cut Server.

Protect with Atempo Time Navigator

Atempo Time Navigator allows you to protect data that changes daily—from editing project files and render files on your editing systems to your asset management system’s catalog and proxy files. Designed with file restore in mind, Atempo Time Navigator allows you to “time navigate” to view file history at various points in time. With Atempo Time Navigator, your editors can be self-sufficient in restoring lost files and your asset management can be fully protected from hardware failure.

Customer Success Stories

White Papers & Webinars


Press Releases

Focal Point Server – Collaboration Defined




  • Focal point offers a natural way of searching through your projects.
  • Create coloured tags for your most common searches for lightning fast searches.
  • Your projects never get lost!


  • Focal Point Server takes care of naming conventions and saving locations of your project files.
  • Data management is as simple as a mouse click and drag & drop!


  • Create filtered views of your many projects and track the important ones at your stage of production.
  • The documents find you!


  • Focal Point Server‘s natural and intuitive interface hides the complexity of your entire workflow from your team.
  • Your team will love the simplicity and intelligence of Focal Point!


  • Protect your projects from accidental deletion by maintaining version histories for all your project data.
  • Focal Point Server brings simplicity to your data security policies!


  • Simplify your archiving practices. Either periodically or by mouse click Focal Point Server archives all data and metadata of your media projects in a single archive set.
  • Error reporting means you always know where the project is.
  • Your project data is safe and available whenever you need it!


  • Just login to the client interface from the cloud and you are ready to create.
  • Deploying Focal Point Server is as easy as visiting a website.


  • Model your production processes and stay up to date on your team’s progress and compliance in real time.
  • You will find your team more productive than ever!


  • Increase your output by automating recurring workflows, processes and project or data management tasks.
  • Automation with Focal Point is your key to higher productivity!


  • Enforce predefined company-wide standards and conventions to make it simple for your team to comply.
  • Maintaining high quality was never this simple!

Re-imagining the Creative Process: Today’s Announcements from MAX

Re-imagining the Creative Process: Today’s Announcements from MAX

Posted on May 6, 2013 by Megan | Comments (3)

Big news today at MAX! We announced all new Adobe CC apps, reinvented to support a more connected way of creating with Creative Cloud services – like synced settings, colors, files, a brand new library of fonts, and the amazing creative community at Behance. Everything is available exclusively to Creative Cloud members and will be coming in June.

The best way to take everything in is by watching the keynote  here, or read on for the highlights.

First, we’ve added hundreds of new or updated features to our desktop applications. Here are just a few highlights from today’s announcement:

  • Camera Shake Reduction in Photoshop CC “deblurs” an image by restoring sharpness to images blurred by camera shake
  • ACR8 is now available as a filter in Photoshop CC; you can apply Adobe Camera Raw processing to any of the layers in your document
  • Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC allows you to design with type in a powerful new way by manipulating characters like individual objects. You can also use multitouch devices as well as a mouse or stylus
  • CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC provides the most up-to-date CSS and properties available via an intuitive visual editing tool
  • Editing Finesse in Premiere Pro CC focuses on sleek design and customization capabilities, combined with new editing features and keyboard-driven editing improvements
  • Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema4D in After Effects CC lets you add 3D objects to scenes and eliminate intermediate rendering between applications
  • Parallax Scrolling in Muse CC allows you to create stunning effects with just a few mouse clicks—images and elements move in different directions at different speeds when scrolling
  • Motion Paths in Edge Animate allows you to animate elements along totally customizable paths
  • completely modernized architecture in InDesign and Flash Pro has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more reliable, with a streamlined UI
  • InDesign has a great new QR code creator
  • Flash Pro has real-time drawing and live preview

You’ll be able to download everything from the newly redesigned Creative Cloud Download Center that will make it easy to discover and access all the desktop apps, services, touch apps, and resources that are included with your membership, directly from the Creative Cloud website.

Second, we’re helping to streamline the creative process, making it more connected and productive. In these new CC apps, your settings, styles, fonts, colors, and assets can be synced to the Creative Cloud and available across your desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be connected to the resources you need and the people that inspire you.

  • Sync Settings makes working across multiple computers or setting up a new computer a breeze by synchronizing your preferences, presets and other settings through Creative Cloud
  • Sync Fonts connects you to Typekit, including a new library of 175 professional font families available for desktop use. These fonts, worth over $20,000 if purchased individually, are included with your Creative Cloud membership
  • Sync Colors lets you capture Kuler color themes on your mobile device and access them in Illustrator CC, to use in all of your projects
  • Easily share your work and get feedback from your community by posting your work-in-progress directly to Behance from right within Photoshop CC
  • View file version history on the Creative Cloud website, which includes full file previews that make it super easy to browse changes or restore files

And finally, we’ve created an all new Creative Cloud desktop app with a beautiful new user interface, completely integrated with your desktop tools and Creative Cloud services. It will:

  • Manage your files and sync them to the Cloud
  • Install and update your desktop software
  • Install and manage your Typekit desktop fonts
  • Keep track of everything in your creative work, from Behance notifications, to collaboration invitations, and even updates to you CC apps — all in a single activity stream.

Everything we announced today will be available in June, exclusively to Creative Cloud members.

For even more information, visit the main Adobe blog. Questions? Just leave a comment below or visit our forum.

Adobe Anywhere for video

What is Adobe Anywhere?

Adobe® Anywhere is a modern, collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Adobe professional video solutions to work together, using centralized media, across virtually any network.

Harness the power of worldwide connectivity to boost your enterprise workgroup’s creativity. Adobe Anywhere allows you to bring teams of talent together to collaborate and create productions from virtually any location where there is network connectivity. With Adobe Anywhere, editors, visual effects artists, and other video professionals can use local or remote networks to simultaneously access, stream, and work with remotely stored media. No need for heavy file transfers, duplicate media, or proxy files.

Adobe Anywhere operates across standard networks and requires no proprietary hardware. Its collaborative capabilities are embedded directly in future versions of Adobe Premiere® Pro, Prelude™, and After Effects®*, eliminating the need for team members to learn new video software tools. For complete control and security, Adobe Anywhere is hosted on-premises with other enterprise media storage and asset management infrastructure.

Enterprise organizations that use Adobe Anywhere will need to have the latest versions of Adobe video software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. These video applications, along with other leading Adobe creative tools, are available through membership in Adobe Creative Cloud™.

Revolutionizing real-time, collaborative video production


Enable efficient deep collaboration

Empower your enterprise team to work together on media in real time. With instant access to shared assets and project information, your team can deliver higher quality productions in less time.


Work with standard hardware and industry-leading tools

Work with Adobe’s cross-platform professional video tools to log, edit, and share video productions. Adobe Anywhere is open and designed to augment existing infrastructure and integrate with standard IT hardware, software, and networks.

Build teams based on talent, not location

Build teams based on talent, not location

Assign the right talent to your project, regardless of location. Editors, motion graphic artists, and producers now have the freedom to collaborate wherever they have connectivity, leveraging standard networks from high-bandwidth LAN to Wi-Fi.

Virtual team collaboration

  • Enhance collaboration on your production workflows. Adobe® Anywhere lets teams of video professionals within your organization work with media simultaneously in a shared environment.

Centrally managed media and project information

  • Increase efficiency and lower costs by using shared, centralized resources. Free team members to work with more portable and cost-effective hardware. Reduce your storage and network costs by sharing IT infrastructure.

Global access to media

  • Eliminate the delay of transferring or duplicating files across locations with the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine. Avoid the expense and hassle of proxy files. Team members nondestructively edit media on the Adobe Anywhere Server from facility workstations or on laptops in the field — wherever they have connectivity.

Integration with industry-leading Adobe tools

  • Streamline your team’s workflow. Adobe Anywhere integrates directly into the user interface of Adobe Premiere® Pro, Prelude™, and After Effects®*, so editors, visual effects artists, and loggers can collaborate more efficiently without learning new software.

Adaptive bandwidth usage

  • Maintain real-time playback in variable network conditions. The Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine automatically adjusts quality to optimize for the available bandwidth.

Integration with existing infrastructure

  • Augment existing hardware and systems to transform your production workflows most effectively. Adobe Anywhere is designed to work with the infrastructure you have in place, simplifying implementation.

Support for standard systems and processes

  • Work with standard resources. Adobe Anywhere is an open, collaborative workflow platform designed to work in an enterprise environment without special hardware. A modern, REST-based API allows integration with common workflow systems and MAMs.

Scalable architecture

  • Improve performance or add users at any time. Adobe Anywhere is designed to scale predictably to match the needs of your production team.

User-rights control

  • Choose who can access production media. Grant or remove access rights based on individual and team needs, or integrate with rights management systems such as LDAP.

Easy-to-use versioning system

  • Use version control features that significantly reduce project conflicts and make it easy to revert to older versions when necessary.

Activity feeds

  • Keep up to date with the latest team activity. Users can easily see what has been recently edited, ingested, or changed in shared video productions.

User interface customization

  • Customize Adobe Anywhere for your team’s specific needs. Programming APIs let you create user interfaces for tablets, the web, and Adobe professional video tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Prelude, and After Effects.*