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AvediaStream Encoders




Use AvediaStream Encoders for any building, campus or metropolitan area in which video or decrypted TV are required, without the added expense of a separate cable network solely for TV.

Use your existing IP network to distribute video from cameras or DVD/Blu-ray players, or TV from set-top boxes.

  • Encode Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) video and audio into MPEG streams
  • Add display devices and users without degrading picture quality
  • Control video and TV access

Encoded Video Over the LAN

AvediaStream Encoder blades create a single MPEG channel on your building, campus or metropolitan-area IP network from the output of various video devices. These include video cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, digital signage systems, personal computers and even set-top boxes for premium TV channels. AvediaStream Encoder blades are available for both SD and HD MPEG encoding.

As part of an Exterity Building IPTV solution, AvediaStream Encoders deliver four primary benefits:

  • Easily add and distribute multiple channels to hundreds or thousands of users by managing video as a network service: adding display devices does not degrade picture quality
  • More granular control over channel access than traditional coaxial systems: by user or group
  • Better return on network investment: highly-efficient use of network bandwidth via standard multicast technology
  • Reduce demand for internet bandwidth; channels are multicast from an internal source, rather than delivered as multiple high-bandwidth streams through the internet gateway
  • Some AvediaStream encoders provide IR out, allowing optional end-user control of AV sources via the IP network

encoder table

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