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Edit 5 Consoles


Edit 5 is an innovative furniture manufacturer specializing in high-end technical furniture at reasonable, up-front prices.

We’ve been selling furniture to rental houses for Hollywood studios and postproduction facilities long enough to know what furniture and equipment the pros actually use.

But we got tired of trying to cobble together affordable home work-and-play stations for ourselves that were sort of similar but shaky, awkward, and downright low quality.

We admit it: We’re into technology. How could we set up one corner of our limited space to accommodate 2 monitors, VTR, laptop computer, desktop computer, backup unit, power conditioner, external terabyte drives, power strip, keyboard and mouse? Not to mention the Wii, Xbox, satellite box, DVD unit, big-screen LCD TV, and all those remotes?

We had a brainstorm: Why not make the same entertainment industry furniture available to everyone, but at half the industry price?

Now you can purchase Edit 5’s multimedia consoles and racks to use in your own home. And these components are just the beginning of a full line of home office furniture and equipment designed with you, the consumer, in mind.

The solution to our equipment overload was an E54 extra-large multimedia workstation with 2 racks. Let us help you streamline your equipment setup so you can focus on enjoying it instead of configuring it.


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