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Make Every Interaction Count.

Share the right knowledge with the right people.

Just as call centers have naturally progressed to contact centers, speech analytics has naturally progressed to interaction analytics as channels such as text and social media have entered the field. And your contact center is successfully capturing these multi-channel interactions occurring between your agents and your customers. But now what? Trying to make sense of this unstructured data and get it into the hands of those who need it most is a daunting task. Not with Nexidia. Nexidia Interaction Analytics allows contact centers like yours to capture, synthesize and disperse the business intelligence locked inside their interactions.

Remove barriers to improvement.

Need to increase resolution rates? No problem.
Need to manage handle times? No problem.
Need to find compliance breakdowns? No problem.

Nexidia eliminates the problems preventing your understanding of what’s occurring in your contact center and why. By defining and tracking metrics such as these as they relate to both organizational and agent performance, you’re able to identify not just behavioral issues, but also business processes and procedures that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Because of this, you’re able to make the critical changes necessary to decrease costs, increase revenue and improve customer’s experience.

Nexidia Interaction Analytics does more than provide surface level information and statistics about your call center interactions. Our solution uncovers the issues impacting your business and provides the root-cause analysis you need to determine the best actions to take to bring about your business’ transformation.

Optimal Technology Delivers
Optimal Results.

Let’s face it, not all contact center technologies are made equal.  And when you’re really trying to get to the heart of a problem, and test out several hypotheses, you don’t want to be limited by what you can search for or the types of filters you can apply to the search. Nexidia’s patented phonetic indexing and search technology delivers significant advantages over other search methodologies. Our fast, scalable and accurate technology translates to distinct benefits for your contact center and allows you to get the most out of our interaction analytics solution. Strengths of Nexidia’s technology include:

  • Explore without restriction: Ensure audio can be searched at any time, for any word thanks to Nexidia’s dictionary independent system. Follow new hypothesis or search for terms not anticipated at project on-set instantly. Quickly compare results found in channels such as chat and email to audio without re-indexing or updating a dictionary.
  • Make connections: Harness Nexidia’s ability to incorporate nearly any metadata field to form deeper cause and effect connections
  • Flexible platform: Integrate with nearly any recording system to capture interactions and metadata. Varying audio qualities, accents, formats and languages easily integrate as well.
  • Hosted and license solutions: Nexidia solutions can be installed on-site or accessed through a secure, hosted environment.

And in today’s world where everyone wants the ability to harness big data, it is important to note that it is only through the benefits afforded by Nexidia’s technology is this truly possible.  Without the ability to scale to 100% and index and search all the interactions, or to search for any term and quickly change gears to explore a new theory, or study the narrative versus the empirical one cannot leverage the benefits that big data can offer.

Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Nexidia Interaction Analytics combines critical and comprehensive analysis capabilities with a robust performance management solution. This powerful combination lets you get to the root causes of the issues affecting your customers and more importantly, have enough information to take action. The issues may range from product quality to an ineffective business process to a performance gap that requires additional agent training. No matter the problem, Nexidia is the solution. By using analytics to drive operational and behavioral change down to the agent level, you’re assured to generate results for the people that deserve it most – your customers.

  • Improve Agent Performance:  Nexidia offers a completely new way to manage agent performance. By easily identifying, listening to and evaluating agents on calls that are directly tied to corporate goals, your supervisors can deliver coaching targeted directly at those issues that matter most to the bottom line. The result is agents who are better able to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Streamline Processes: Evaluating agent performance against key metrics such as average handle time often uncovers inefficient processes and procedures. These discoveries lead the way to plans for process improvements. As you implement improvement plans, measuring their success is easy with Nexidia.
  • Increase Revenue: It’s simple. Better performing agents sell more and retain more customers. And better yet, as you use analytics to improve your efficiencies, they’re able to do this while you reduce operating costs.
  • Multi-Channel: Capture and analyze 100% customer audio and text interactions from a variety of channels including chat, email, phone and surveys.
  • Evaluation ScorecardPerformance Management: Start with easy-to-read dashboards and reports that help you hone in on the specific strategic initiatives that specific agents struggle to achieve. Take performance management to the next level by quickly drilling down to the calls comprising the scores and completing tailored evaluation forms to deliver the feedback agents need to perform their best.
  • Analytic Capabilities: Monitor important metrics such as average handle time, non-talk time and call volume by category. Track trends and evaluate the effectiveness of improvement plans at a glance through tailored reporting.
  • Call CategorizationCall Categorization: Group calls into key subject areas based on phrases associated with a particular call type. The automatic grouping eliminates the error rate associated with agents tagging calls and allows companies to focus on the call types and issues most affecting customers.
  • Forensic SearchTargeted Searches: Easily search across the entire body of audio or text interactions for key phrases and topics. Save these searches to build reports or develop key performance indicators and metrics.

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