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Telestream Workflow Automation Traffic Manager


Automate receipt and distribution of digital media
at your TV facility

TrafficManager diagram

TrafficManager automates the way TV stations move and manage commercials and syndicated content received from digital delivery services. With Telestream’s world-class FlipFactory workflow automation engine under the hood, TrafficManager automates the entire process from ingest to playout, including media receipt, dub list matching, notification, tracking, previewing reformatting and delivery to destination devices.

Streamline the entire process

  • Monitors edge servers and local sources for the arrival of new content
  • Consolidates media and metadata in a single traffic monitoring application
  • Notifies your operator and creates a proxy for viewing
  • Enables access to metadata and additions such as House ID
  • Includes automatic audio analysis and gain correction
  • Communicates with leading station automation systems
  • Integrates with leading asset management systems
  • Supports automated ingest of HD media from DG FastChannel, On The Spot Media, Exteme Reach, and more
  • Ingests from SDI tape or live sources using optional Pipeline video capture
  • Transcodes media to formats suitable for digital file transfer to broadcast servers and edit suites

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or for a consultation, call (310) 922-1631


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