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Telestream Agility 2G & Avalon


Agility 2G — Produce & publish from
any video source to any outlet

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Enterprise-class On-demand Video Production and Management

Now, more than ever, media companies have a great opportunity to drive additional revenue from online and on-demand syndication of video. However, this opportunity comes with great operational challenges, particularly as the number and diversity of outlets increase. Agility 2G was built to meet the demands of the rapidly changing video industry, and over the past decade it has become the preferred on-demand video production and management solution for more than 700 leading media companies.

Agility 2G offers even greater scale and flexibility to handle the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, high-volume throughput. Agility 2G provides the reliability you need to tackle the latest requirements in premium, on-the-spot production across multiple distribution outlets, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, making it easy to deploy.

Agility 2G enables you to:

  • Produce and publish from any video source to any outlet
  • Automate and customize outlet-sensitive media enhancements
  • Utilize the fullest range of advanced, enterprise-quality production technology
  • Ensure reliability and unmatched performance and scalability
  • Deploy quickly and integrate seamlessly with existing systems

For more information about the Telestream family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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