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Cache-A Library24 & Library48 Automation Appliances


For Pro-Cache & Power-CacheArchive Appliances

Available with LTO-5 &/or LTO-6 tape drives

Cache-A Standard Features in a Library Appliance

  • Easy to Deploy and Use
    • Network Attached cross-platform accessibility
  • Table-of-contents on every tape
    • Built-in searchable database of all of your tapes
  • Archive large projects
    • Span archives across multiple cartridges
  • Automated archive capability built-in
    • with automatic tape loading for any archive or restore operation

Automated Archiving Made Easy

Available in configurations with either 24 or 48 tape slots, Cache-A’s Library24 and Library48 Automation Appliances work with our Pro-Cache and Power-Cache models. Cache-A’s automated library option provides users with near-line archival capacity of up to 60 Terabytes in the 24 slot model and up to 120 Terabytes in the 48 slot model.

This convenient and easy to deploy library option automates cartridge loading for archiving, restoring and even cartridge spanning when archiving large projects.

In Pro-Cache deployments, the internal LTO drive is still available for accessing content on shelf stored cartridges while simultaneously archiving to the library. With one external tape drive and one tape drive in the library, Pro-Cache Library systems provide true dual drive system flexibility. Two LTO tape drives means concurrent access to both Library and Pro-Cache tape volumes for twice the archiving power. The LTO tape drive in the Pro-Cache is always available for restoring or archiving shelf-stored content and you can simultaneously archive or restore with the Library drive.

In Power-Cache deployments,the Library24 option can accommodate one or two LTO drives and the Library48 option can have as many as 4 dedicated LTO drives within the library system. External tape drives can also be added to complement Library drives in any combination up to 4 total LTO drives. These multiple drives can all be used simultaneously in archving, restoring, and dubbing functions for total flexibility and speed (up to 2 concurrently at full tape speed).

Includes Cache-A Standard Capabilities

  • Direct archive access from any platform
    • Windows / MacOS / Unix
  • Easy to Deploy and Use
    • Plug and play integration into any network
  • Table-of-contents on every tape
    • Media is portable, shelf storeable, interchangeable
  • Built-in searchable database of all of your tapes
    • Search by filename, search by metadata
    • Share catalogs between Cache-A systems over your local area network
  • Automated archive capability built-in
    • Schedule archiving of any shared folder
  • Span archives across multiple cartridges
    • Create archives of any size
  • Industry standard compatibility
    • Cache-A formatted tapes use POSIX/gnu standard “tar”
    • Tapes can also be written in the new LTFS format for even greater interchange capabilites

2 Library Option Models Available

  • CA-L5024 Cache-A Library24
    • 24 tape capacity
    • 36 Terabytes with LTO-5
    • 60 Terabytes with LTO-6
  • CA-L5048 Cache-A Library48
    • 48 tape capacity
    • 72 Terabytes with LTO-5
    • 120 Terabytes with LTO-6

Cache-A Library Features

  • Automated cartridge loading for archiving
    • simply select a tape on the UI web page
  • Automated cartridge loading for tape spanning
    • the next blank tape loads itself when needed
  • Automated cartridge loading for content retrieval
    • all tapes load for any restore from any search results
  • Automatic tape identification
    • by bar code
    • by LTO Media ID
    • by each tape’s TOC volume name
  • Simple cabling connects the two devices
    • SAS cable moves data and controls robotics
    • Optional GbE for library management
  • Simple configuration and operations
    • Retains Cache-A’s appliance-like useability

Library24 Features

  • 24 cartridge slots – two 12 slot magazines
  • Up to 60 Terabytes of near-line storage
  • 1 or 2 LTO tape drives with Power-Cache
  • Self-contained Rack Mountable 2RU Unit

Library48 Features

  • 48 cartridge slots – four 12 slot magazines
  • Up to 120 Terabytes of near-line storage
  • 1 to 4 LTO tape drives with Power-Cache
  • Self-contained Rack Mountable 4RU Unit

For more information about the Cache-A family of archive appliances, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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