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The TransVergence Matrix


In today’s disruptive media environment, it’s essential for content creators, film and television producers, brand promoters and corporate communicators to master the art of storytelling across multiple platforms in order to reach the largest possible audience and engage fans.


But these new channels of communication are multileveled and complex, so we created the TransVergence Matrix to serve as a reference and guide for the ever-changing world of transmedia. And — in keeping with the theme itself — the Martrix welcomes interaction and collaboration.






Become part of The TransVergence Matrix


Why Submit Your Project or Technology?
The TransVergence Matrix, like transmedia itself, is a living, evolving thing. It takes collaboration and the exchange of information to grow and stay vital. When you submit your project description here, it will enter an archive that can be viewed by others who have also submitted projects, allowing everyone to see what others are doing and generating new ideas and inspiration. Notable projects and technologies will be discussed at the TransVergence Summit to be held August 7-8, 2013, at the W Hotel in Hollywood.



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