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ATTO Technology – the most versatile storage connectivity


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ATTO Technology is a name that has been around for years (since 1988, to be exact). The company manufactures a number of different types of storage connectivity devices, such as HBAs and RAID adapters, Ethernet adapters, Bridges, Switches, Desklink devices that feature Thunderbolt connections, and more.  These are all those “glue” type products – the kind that makes things fit together like they should, and enables your pipeline to run quickly and efficiently.

Exciting, right?  But, like most things tucked away behind the glorious front, ATTO is one of those products that just make things work.

Take any Plain Jane ATTO product and pair it with any number of storage, software or other third party hardware like AJA or BlackMagic, and you’ve got a slick little workflow that enables incredible speed from your content creation situation to the storage and archive solution of your choice, giving a huge boost to productivity, and safekeeping your content at the same time.

Here are some example solutions that the company has put together for common workflows:

ATTO with Avid

Bundle ATTO with Avid and JMR and you’ve got an ATTO ExpressSAS solution: components include an ATTO ExpressSAS R680 RAID Controller, a JMR BlueStor SAS Expander and qualifiedavid logo with Avid Media Composer and Symphony.  This solution supports every Avid editing platform, and provides parity protection through RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) protection while maintaining multiple streams of both compressed and uncompressed SD and HD media without interruption.   In addition, this bundle enables systems to be fully functional during the rebuild process of failed drives.

ATTO with Adobe

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium users can recognize the full potential of the video production software toolkit by using an ATTO ExpressSAS™ SAS/SATA RAID Adapter or HBA. ATTO fully supports this approach by making the most comprehensive storage connectivity tools available for creative pro workflows today.adobe logo

ATTO supports the most demanding storage connectivity requirements for CS6 Production Premium tapeless workflows, connectivity for a broad range of capture and edit formats, and the ability to work with other NLEs without having to swap out hardware

Adobe CS6 Production Premium has pushed the performance envelope by launching a native 64-bit application. ATTO’s 64-bit Mac and Windows driver support ensures that connectivity to disk or tape storage systems will be seamless. The ATTO Config tool helps users take advantage of a user-friendly interface tool to fine tune performance settings in virtually any environment.

Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology manages latency by providing controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming to maintain the highest consistent performance, This means working with Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects that ATTO users will never be disappointed in the data transfer performance from ATTO’s entire product portfolio. Additionally, ATTO ESAS RAID and ATTO FastStream Storage Controllers manage latencies while offering data protected peace-of-mind. Adobe Premiere Pro and AfterEffects users can rest assured that time and effort spent working on a project be easily retrievable in the event of a catastrophic failure. 

ATTO with G-tech

G-Technology manufactures the industry’s most comprehensive line of external disk storage solutions designed for professional content creation applications, supporting all levels of audio/video production. G-Tech’s focus on technology, quality and design has resulted in diskg-technology logo storage solutions with unmatched performance, reliability and style.

High-Performance RAID Solutions for HD/2K Production

ATTO’s Express SAS RAID host bus adapters have been qualified by Hitachi for use with G-Technology’s G-SPEED eS PRO enclosure storage system. Combining ATTO’s ExpressSAS RAID HBAs and G-Technology’s G-SPEED eS PRO enclosure provides an integrated solution that supports real-time HD and film production, including dual-stream uncompressed 10-bit 1080/60i and 2K DPX playback in RAID 5 protected mode.

The combination of ATTO’s R680 RAID controller and G-Technology’s G-SPEED eS PRO enclosure provides:

  • Mini-SAS connectivity for very high-performance operation for demanding post production applications
  • The most cost-effective desktop RAID storage solution designed specifically for high-end post
  • Unprecedented performance, reliability and flexibility to help users increase productivity and efficiency

ATTO with Facilis

Facilis found success integrating ATTO Fibre Channel and SAS products with the TerraBlock storage arrays. Facilis Technology is consistently focused on increasing the performance of their products; by working closely with ATTO, Facilis was able to find a combination thatfacilis logo dramatically improved the performance of the TerraBlock. The decision to incorporate ATTO into Facilis products was based on its industry-proven technology, as well as the outstanding customer support they provide.

  • High-performance connectivity from ATTO for Facilis shared storage solutions.
  • Unique combination of technology from Facilis and ATTO to solve challenges of media professionals
  • Cross-platform support

Of course, the above is just a sampling of what ATTO engineers have already put together.  The company is incredibly efficient with keeping up to date with their interoperability and certifications.  You can check ATTO storage connectivity compatibility with just about any other product on the planet here

For the right-brain leaning types, here’s a visual for you: their list of partners at NAB 2013

atto nab partner companies


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