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Davinci Resolve Control Surface


DaVinci Resolve

A control surface that’s as beautiful as your pictures!

Side -panels

The full DaVinci Resolve includes the amazing DaVinci control surface. Buttons can be set to any custom color, and with a huge 38 independent soft knobs with automatic LCD labels, you’ll never have to page through multiple menus for common adjustments.

Full deck control buttons with jog and shuttle are built-in and all grade memories and gallery still frames can be recalled with a simple press of a button. With the DaVinci Resolve control surface, you can keep grading at full speed!

Davinci -resolve -top

Reference Keys and Fader T-bar

Includes reference frame quick recall keys and the fader T-bar lets you wipe between reference stills.


Lift, Gamma and Gain Trackballs

Trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments and gain for lift, gamma and gain.


Slide out Keyboard

Slide the keyboard when you need to name files. When you don’t need the keyboard, it simply retracts back into the control surface.


Transport Controls

The jog/shuttle knob and transport control keys give you full control of your project timeline or deck.


Illuminated Keys

Custom backlit keys feature RGB color and intensity to suit your mood and taste! No other control surface looks as amazing in a darkened room!


Soft Knobs

Each soft knob allows super fine parameter adjustment, and with a simple push, you can set each parameter back to the default.


High Resolution LCD Displays

5 super bright full color displays show menus and indicators for a massive 62 soft knobs and buttons.

Remote Grading

Imagine grading Hollywood feature films from anywhere in the world, even on a laptop! You can now work interactively with clients across the globe using DaVinci Resolve’s remote grading. Two matching DaVinci Resolve systems can be synchronized via an Internet connection so that changes made on the colorist’s system are immediately sent across and applied on the client DaVinci Resolve. If you need to work with other facilities or go back to a project to make changes then remote grading offers huge advantages.

Rob -shradar

“There’s a certain feel with the
DaVinci Resolve panels that you
really can’t get from a mouse.”

Rob Sciarratta

Senior Colorist / Company 3

Watch Video >

Avid -artist -color

Third Party Panels

For affordable color correction installations, DaVinci Resolve Lite and DaVinci Resolve Software on Mac OS X and Windows support a wide range of third party control panels letting you keep your head up and looking at the video monitoring while grading! DaVinci Resolve supports the Tangent Devices Wave™, Tangent Devices Element™, JL Cooper Eclipse CX™ and the Avid Artist Color™ control panels. All DaVinci Resolve models can also be used with a mouse and even a tablet and pen!


For more information about Davinci Resolve, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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