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SkyTech is Proud to be a reseller for Cambridge Imaging Systems Asset Management Solutions


Cambridge Imaging Systems Ltd

Cambridge Imaging Systems has been developing software for media archive management systems since 1991. Our technology has been developed working on large-scale projects for corporate and government clients including the Ministry of Defence, The Police, The BBC, ITN, The Imperial War Museum, British Telecom and British Pathe. Our software systems have been developed over the last twenty years to provide a flexible architecture, able to interface with existing software and able to integrate with existing working practices.

Our archive management system, Imagen, contains a number of modules that are designed to work together in a coordinated way to reduce the manual intervention required to manage very large-scale media archives. It is possible to use Imagen as a complete media asset management system, with an associated website for streamed delivery and e-commerce systems.

Our Approach

We prefer to use industry standard protocols and interfaces and embrace the use of open-source code to speed development and to keep costs down. We have experience of integrating our software with many different types of administrative, commercial and industrial systems.

Our Customers

Cambridge Imaging supplies media asset management systems for a wide range of customers across media, broadcasts, education, public sector and defence

For more information about asset management solutions call (310) 922-1631 for a consultation

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