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Orbital Enterprise Video Recording


90 Day Compliance Recording for 1 – 48 Channels

Cambridge Imaging Systems have partnered with leading storage vendor SGI to produce a world beating ‘one box’ compliance recording system. The solution can record between 1 and 48 channels for 90 days and supports both SD and HD channels.

Orbital software is preloaded on SGI’s Modular InfiniteStorage Server – a breakthrough storage server platform that delivers extreme density in a 3U chassis. The storage space available ensures that the entire broadcast stream as originally transmitted can be captured – including all EPG data – no need for downsampling or lost data.

Orbital software enables broadacasters or producers to review the transmitted content, export for further analysis, repurposing or editing, or simply to provide a copy to the broadcast regulator. Orbital also integrates seamlessly with Imagen2 making it possible to build up an online archive from broadcast material.

+ Simple ‘One Box’ solution

+ The complete transport stream is archived as broadcast

+ Preservation of all EIT (EPG) and subtitle data

+ Best of breed hardware with built in redundancy – (SGI and HP)

+ No down sampling of video or audio

+ Works with SD and HD streams – from Terrestrial and Satellite sources

+ Can capture encoded streams – not just off-air content

+ Works with a range of head end tuners and encoders

Orbital Software Components

+ CaptureServer

CaptureServer captures and writes the unmodified MPEG-2 transport streams to the storage RAID.

+ FeedServer

FeedServer manages the scheduling and maintains a database of event information created by monitoring the service information from the DVB broadcasts.

+ CaptureView

  • Up to the minute review of video and radio programmes
  • Select full programmes, small clips or any duration for export
  • Export full Transport stream
  • Export EPG metadata as XML
  • Grab images from video and save to desktop or clipboard

+ MediaPlan

  • Management interface for DVB-IP Gateways and Encoders
  • Set up recording schedules – full flexibility across date, time and channels
  • Wide range of support for Gateways and Encoders including HaiVision, CableTime and Teracue
For more information about Orbital, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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