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Imagen Cloud Media Asset Management & Publishing in the Cloud


+ Manage and publish your videos and images online

+ Monetise your content with your own online video delivery platform

+ Powerful ingest workflows and full asset management

+ Geo redundant storage and back up service

+ Economical and scalable – pay only for what you use

All the benefits and features of Imagen2 – In the Cloud!

ImagenCloud provides a convenient and cost effective way to manage and publish video, images and audio in a hosted (cloud) environment.

ImagenCloud is Cambridge Imaging Systems cloud based version of its popular asset management and publishing system – Imagen2. Imagen2 is a complete MAM and publishing system which can be used for ingesting, archiving and distributing large quantities of video, stills, audio and documents in a themed web interface.

ImagenCloud offers all the great features of Imagen2 but without the need for hardware expenditure and hosting expertise. This makes creating your own online archive easier than ever – easy monthly payments and no IT headaches.

While many larger archives may still prefer to manage their media assets within their own IT network, there are many small and medium size archives which do not have the internal resources nor the technical expertise to set up the necessary IT infrastructure needed to manage and publish their content online. ImagenCloud removes these technical and cost barriers. Simply log in and start uploading and publishing your content!

ImagenCloud Components

ImagenCloud uses standard Imagen2 components. Simply upload your assets, log in and start managing your archive!

+ Imagen Client

Imagen Client is the user interface for the Imagen2 media asset management and publishing system and provides easy access to the database for ingesting, cataloguing, searching records and managing user access.

+ Imagen Workflow Editor

Create ingest, output and distribution workflows using a graphical interface. Simply drag and drop the processes that you want to feature in your workflow, link them up and set the parameters for each stage.

+ Imagen Media Control Centre

IMCC is the central point through which Imagen modules communicate with your database. IMCC provides open REST and SOAP interfaces that can be used by client software to exploit workflow and storage functionality. Data is transferred in XML format, and with the REST and SOAP interfaces, it is possible to integrate Imagen very tightly with third-party applications and websites.

+ ImagenWeb

ImagenWeb is a powerful web module which provides a web based interface for your archive. The interface is configurable, easy to rebrand and offers a number of tools designed to make searching, playback and sharing content easy for your customers.

Main Features:

  • Easy to customise to suit your brand
  • Sorting and Filtering of search results
  • Search for video, images, audio and docs
  • Online clip editing for end users
  • Update metadata in the web pages (admin only)
  • Share collections with colleagues and friends
  • Download watermarked/timecoded video
  • Comprehensive access management
  • Synchronised video and timebased metadata
  • Content Management for easy web site editing
  • Full statistical reporting via Google Analytics
For more information about Imagen Cloud, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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