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BRU Producer’s Edition ArGest Solutions


In addition to the standard ArGest Rack units, we are pleased to announce the availibility of the new ArGest Rack Mod160, Mod240, and Mod320 units.  These 2U rackmount assemblies can be expanded up to a total of 14 chassis in addition to your original ArGest Rack unit for total expandable capacity of up to 480TB (based on the Mod320 model).  You can start with a single unit and then add storage as your needs grow.

Whether you’re connecting to a dedicated Mac Pro, or via Thunderbolt to a Mac Book Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini, the ArGest Rack Mod160 provides 16TB of raw capacity, the Mod240 provides 24TB, and the Mod320 provides 32TB.  Your available capacity is dependent on the RAID format applied to the disks installed.  Performance of the ArGest Rack Mod series ranges from 525MB/sec RAID 0 (OS X software striped) to 740MB/sec RAID 5 (ATTO R680).  Ready for Ingest, Edit, and Archive of even native, 5K R3D video and 12bit RGB 4:4:4 2K @ 25 FPS.

The ArGest™ units are self contained, portable solutions providing both disk storage and LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape archival / backup in an easy to use road warrior configuration – just add Mac Book Pro. We even provide the right-sized SKB cases (desktop or rack).

ArGest units are available in HDD and SSD configurations providing ~500MB/sec read and write for the HDD and ~1GB/sec read and write for the SSD versions via SAS or Thunderbolt connectivity

TOLIS Group’s new ArGest™ Rack and Cube solutions extend our tape-based backup, archival, and interchange offerings and provide a high-performance and easily portable solution for editors, videographers, music production / front of house teams, photographers, and other creative professionals in the field.

ArGest offers both high-speed disk storage and industry standard LTO-5 or LTO-6 backup and archival solutions in a single unit. Easily connected via SAS or Thunderbolt*, the new ArGest Cube for desktop environments and ArGest Rack for rack-based environments make high performance ingest and archival available in a highly portable and affordable package for both Mac Pro and all Thunderbolt-enabled Mac systems.


With sustained media ingest speeds of over 1GB/sec (SSD systems), 500MB/sec (HDD systems), LTO-5 archive write speeds of 140MB/sec (.5TB/hour), and LTO-6 write speeds of 180MB/sec (.64TB/hour) using your choice of BRU Producer’s Edition or BRU Server software (included), the road is no longer a dangerous place for jobs generating large amounts of data.  No more stacks of Firewire drives or long FTP sessions.

Yep, it's THAT Fast!

Yep! It’s THAT Fast

In addition to being incredibly fast, these systems are incredibly quiet – more than 40% quieter than a standard external LTO-5 tape drive. Additionally, the performance of both the SSD and HDD solutions, as well as their extremely quiet operation, make editing on the road very responsive – especially when compared to USB or Firewire solutions.  We even offer the right-sized travel cases** to make traveling with the ArGest Cube and Rack units as worry free as possible.

ArGest Packages

ArGest Desktop Solutions

Desktop Model Capacity LTO-5 LTO-6
ArGest Cube HDD 20 2TB 7200RPM HDD $4,999 $5,699
ArGest Cube HDD 30 3TB 7200RPM HDD $5,299 $5,999
ArGest Cube SSD 20 2TB SSD $8,599 $9,249
ArGest Cube SSD 30 3TB SSD $10,699 $11,399
ArGest Cube Options List Price
Sonnet Echo Express SE Thunderbolt
(1 Short Slot)
Sonnet Echo Express Thunderbolt
(1 mid length slot)
Sonnet Echo Express II Thunderbolt
(2 mid length slots – AJA, Blackmagic, etc))
Sonnet Echo Express Pro Thunderbolt
(2 full length slots – RED Rocket, etc.)
Wheeled travel case for ArGest Cube $450

ArGest Rackmount Solutions

Rack Model Capacity LTO 5 LTO 6
ArGest Rack HDD 20 2TB 7200RPM HDD $4,999 $5,699
ArGest Rack HDD 30 3TB 7200RPM HDD $5,399 $6.049
ArGest Rack HDD 40 4TB 7200RPM HDD $7,299 $8,149
ArGest Rack SSD 20 2TB SSD $8,699 $9,399
ArGest Rack SSD 30 3TB SSD $10,799 $11,499
Rack Expansion Model Capacity Part # List Price
ArGest Rack Mod1601 16TB 7200RPM HDD 80612 $5,599
ArGest Rack Mod2401 24TB 7200RPM HDD 80613 $6,999
ArGest Rack Mod3201 32TB 7200RPM HDD 80614 $8,399
ArGest Rack Options List Price
Sonnet xMac Mini Server Thunderbolt
(2 full length slots, 1 full height, 1 low profile)
4U Rack Wheeled case for ArGest Rack $849
4U Rack Case (no wheels) for ArGest Rack $649
Sliding Shelf for Mac Book Pro
(not for shipping MBP)
Lockable 2U Equipment, Cable, Media Drawer $149
NOTE: Sliding Shelf and Media Drawer may not be combined into the same rack case.

All ArGest units are 6GB SAS and come with the listed disk storage, LTO-5 tape drive, ATTO Technologies ExpressSAS R680 HBA, SAS cables, Media, Cleaning Cartridge, BRU PE 3.x or BRU Server Basic Edition license, 3 year hardware warranty (except Echo Express SE which is 1 year) and 1 year software support and maintenance.

* Adding the Sonnet Thunderbolt to SAS bridge units allow the units to be used with any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac system and even includes the 2M Thunderbolt cable.

** The SKB cases allow easy portability.  All cases are ATA300 approved and provide TSA-compliant locking.

1 ArGest RackMOD units do not include an ATTO ExpressSAS HBA (required for operation) because they are designed as expansion units for an existing ArGest solution. If you order a RackMOD unit as a standalone storage device, you will also need to order either an ATTO ExpressSAS H680 ( RAID-0 or JBOD – $300), or an ATTO ExpressSAS R680 (RAID-0, 1, 4, 5, 6 – $1,095) if you don’t already have an existing ATTO ExpressSAS HBA.

SAS Connectivity Note: 4 drive ArGest units require 5 SAS channels and 6 drive ArGest units require 7 channels for SAS connectivity.

For more information about TOLIS BRU family of products, or to place an order, call (310) 922-1631


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