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Adobe Kuler® Is Kooler: A Beta Release




Since its relaunch in May, people have been using our Kuler web app to create and share color themes and use them in their work. They’ve also given us ideas about how we could make it better. So the Kuler team got busy and incorporated some of those requested changes.

The new beta version of kuler.adobe.com includes the top three requested features:

Extract color themes from an image

  • The original Kuler web app included the ability to extract a theme from an image. That feature is back. Just click the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Create page and choose a photo from your library.

A color wheel in two sizes

  • When we updated the interface many of our long-term users thought we’d made the color wheel too large. Now, with a click, the wheel can be larger when you need it and smaller when you don’t.

Reduced borders around individual colors in a theme

  • Now you can see more of each color and the play and interaction between them.

Some things haven’t changed

  • The beta features are available at https://kuler.adobe.com/features/enable/newFeatures 
  • The current version of kuler.adobe.com will remain unchanged until we’re confident that the beta features and functionality are working for our audience.
  • We’ve made no changes to the Kuler iPhone app or the Kuler panels in Adobe Ideas or Illustrator CC.

Ready. Set. Go.

To start using the beta features go to https://kuler.adobe.com/features/enable/newFeatures 


Once you’ve spent some time with the beta, let us know what you think: http://forums.adobe.com/community/kuler_forums

About Kuler

Learn more about kuler.adobe.com on the Kuler product page and download the free Kuler iPhone app from iTunes.


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