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Cache-A appliance simplifies archiving



AMSTERDAM – Cache-A’s (www.cache-a.com) Pro-Cache Library24 archive appliance debuted at the IBC show, simplifying the archiving of large projects for digital film, broadcast and video pros working with file-based workflows. The solution is a 24-slot automated library option for Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache4 archive appliances. It automates cartridge loading for archiving, restoring and cartridge spanning.

The Library24 works with any Pro-Cache model. Two LTO drives means concurrent access to both Pro-Cache Library24 and Pro-Cache tape volumes for twice the archiving power. The LTO drive in the Pro-Cache is accessible for restoring or archiving shelf-stored content, while the Pro-Cache Library24 drive is accessible for simultaneously archiving or restoring.

Available in both LTO-5 and LTO-4 configurations, the Pro-Cache Library24 provides 36TBs of storage for Pro-Cache5 users, and 19TB of storage for Pro-Cache4 users. The unit has 24 cartridge slots in two 12-slot magazines and automatically identifies tapes by barcode or each tape’s internal table of contents.

Pro-Cache Library24 is rack-mountable and connects easily to the three RU half-rack chassis and rack mount kit of the Pro-Cache5 or Pro-Cache4. Simple cabling connects the two devices.


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