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ASSIMILATE Announces the Most Affordable SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab Ever


New Annual Subscription, together with Rental and Site License Options, Deliver Maximum Value

By PVC News Staff | July 17, 2013

ASSIMILATE, a leading global provider of dailies and post-production tools for digital cinema and broadcast workflows, today announced it is extending the Industry’s most flexible array of pricing options by offering a new Annual Subscription option for both SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab® software.

New SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab Subscription Option

The perfect combination of affordability and flexibility, the new Subscription option is ideal for DI artists and on-set professionals who need daily access to SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab, and who want to stay at the top of their game by annually licensing the latest version with the newest features. The Annual Subscription option is available immediately via the ASSIMILATE Store, and includes all software updates, maintenance, and support during the activation period. The Annual Subscription option is priced (USD) as follows:

SCRATCH Lab                                                 SCRATCH

$995/ year                                                                   $5,000/ year

SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab Rental Option

ASSIMILATE continues to offer the extremely popular Rental option for periods as little as one day, or as long as one month. This option allows artists to pay for SCRATCH and Lab only when they need it, offering incredible financial flexibility as they face the constant changes of production and post-production in the film and broadcast markets.

Also available only via the ASSIMILATE Store, pricing for the Rental option is as follows (all prices are USD and include maintenance and support during the activation period):

SCRATCH Lab                                                 SCRATCH

1 Day – $50                                                                 1 Day – $150

1 Week – $250                                                             1 Week – $800

1 Month – $650                                                            1 Month – $2,100

SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab Permanent License Purchase Option

For those folks that prefer to own their software assets, artists and facilities can still purchase permanent licenses of SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab just as they always have. Whether purchased from an ASSIMILATE reseller or the ASSIMILATE Store, pricing for permanent licenses and maintenance/support has remained unchanged.

SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab Site License Program

Innovative and unique to the industry, the SCRATCH Site License offers creative DI Artists, post-production facilities, and studios unprecedented access to all-you-can-use SCRATCH Lab licenses at a single site or around the world. This means that facilities can maximize productivity and creativity by providing state-of- the-art SCRATCH DI tools to an unlimited number of their artists without the limitations of software licensing. The SCRATCH Site License Program features two options:

SCRATCH Site Annual: 
All-you-can-use licenses at a single site. This option is priced at $33,000 USD annually, and includes all maintenance and support for the term. This option is available only for SCRATCH.

SCRATCH Site Enterprise Annual: 
All-you-can-use licenses at any number of your sites across your entire enterprise, worldwide. This option is priced at $20,000 USD annually for SCRATCH Lab and $55,000 USD annually for full SCRATCH. Pricing includes all maintenance and support for the term.

All SCRATCH Site License customers are able to view, manage and extend their licenses through the unique MyASSIMILATE™ online portal. MyASSIMILATE allows customers to see a top-down view of all their licenses — which ones have been activated, and on which machines. It also allows customers to extend rental licenses and even generate emergency temporary licenses.

“We’ve learned from listening to our dailies and post artists that the realities of their businesses have changed,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing at ASSIMILATE. “Not only are budgets tighter, but work ebbs and flows. Today, the way artists and facilities pay for their tools has become just as important as how much they pay, or even what features they get. Our array of flexible options combine the best of both worlds: incredible affordability, with the flexibility of knowing that you can turn the licenses on and off, if and when you need to, or own an asset if you prefer. From a one-day Rental to a world-wide Site License, SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab purchase options are designed to fit the new way artists work- making them more productive and helping them make more money.”

To purchase the new Annual Subscription or Rental option, simply visit the ASSIMILATE SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab product pages on http://www.assimilateinc.com:



For more information about the Permanent License Purchase option, the Site License option, or the MyASSIMILATE portal, please e-mail sales@assimilateinc.com.

SCRATCH Digital Workflow Tools

ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH powerful end-to-end data-workflow tools — from conform, color-grading, compositing, and through to finishing — and SCRATCH Lab, a robust dailies or VFX review digital pipeline, deliver the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective toolset for digital cinema and episodic television productions for 2D and 3D stereo projects. Both products support multiple formats, including ARRI RAW, Sony F5, F65 and F55, Phantom, and Canon 5D, as well as enhanced support for RED ONE, RED ONE MX, SCARLET, and EPIC at all resolutions. All versions of SCRATCH and Lab software, running on Mac OS X and Windows 7, feature SDI and 3G output via AJA Kona 3G graphics cards, fast dailies rendering, and improved metadata, time-code handling, and ACES. For the latest feature film and TV credits, pricing and sales, visit www.assimilateinc.com


ASSIMILATE is the premier provider of digital workflow and post-production tools that have proven essential to the successful creation of thousands of studio and independent features, television shows, music videos and corporate video productions. The company’s SCRATCH products, running on Windows and Mac OS X, are the heartbeat of today’s most demanding digital post-production and dailies workflows for 2D and stereo 3D productions. They equip directors, DPs, on-set professionals and artists with the state-of-the-art, intuitive, data-centric solutions they need to meet the continual challenges of increased creativity and productivity amid ever-shrinking budgets. ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH real-time DI system, is the most comprehensive, end-to-end cinema and broadcast imaging tool for playback, conform, editing, color grading, compositing and finishing for nearly all popular digital workflows, including, RED, ARRI, Sony F5, F65 and F55, Canon 5D, Phantom, Go Pro and many more. SCRATCH Lab delivers a comprehensive toolset for the review, versioning, color correction, conform and output of on-set or VFX dailies. ASSIMILATE is a privately held company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA, with offices in London, UK, Groningen, NL and Beijing City, CN and markets its products worldwide via a global reseller network. To learn more, visit www.assimilateinc.com.


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