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7 Lessons Creative Teams Can Learn From A Sixth-Grade Metal Band


The 12-year old bandmates of New York’s shreddingest new metal act, Unlocking the Truth, share their collected wisdom on working as a team.

It’s always a bit of a drag for new bands when they’re too young to have free drinks at the venue they’re playing. In the case of Unlocking the Truth, however, the band members are too young to even see a PG-13 movie after rehearsal, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t already accrued some valuable insight beyond their years.

There are early starts and then there are seriously early starts. Incredibly shredding guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse and thunderclap drummer Jarad Dawkins got the idea of starting a band when they were five years old. As wrestling fans, they’d get amped each week at hearing the sounds of 80s-style thrash-metal emanating from televised matches. Brutal bassist Alec Atkins glommed on to the crunchy riffs of Metallica and such through music videos, and he joined the band years later. Together, the boys jam out all over New York, and they’ve gained a heightened profile this year.

Their performances are energetic displays of technical proficiency. Malcolm and Alec rip around the stage like whirling dervishes, building up to gloriously wonky guitar solos. But just as clear as the boys’ on-stage intensity is the bond they have with each other, which underscores a precocious understanding of what it takes to move together as a group. Co.Create spoke to Unlocking the Truth recently to find out their tips on working together as a creative unit while rocking the eff out.



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