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Introducing Nexidia Dialog Search


The key to monetizing media libraries is being able to find unique assets that fit your needs precisely and quickly – without being overwhelmed by irrelevant results. In only seconds, Nexidia Dialogue Search searches hundreds of thousands of hours of audio and video to find and preview any spoken word or phrase, dramatically reducing or eliminating logging and transcription costs, and surfacing valuable assets that traditional metadata search may never find.

Nexidia is pleased to announce the release of Dialogue Search 1.3, which includes the following new features and improvements:

Windows 7 (64-bit) Support: Added support for Windows 7 (64-bit) in addition to the current Windows Server 2008 R2 support
Path-Mapping Tool: Administration Console now features a path-mapping tool to index high res media in one location but playback proxies from another location, including a CDN
Search Performance Improvements: Significant improvements to overall search speed and responsiveness of search results
Indexing Improvements: Availability of searchable media is now faster and more stable
And here’s a sneak peek at Dialogue Search 1.4, which will be released this fall:

Adobe Premiere Pro Panel: Provides ability to search an entire archive and import clips directly inside Premiere Pro (5.5+)
AAF Export: Export markers to Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, Sony Vegas, Harris Velocity, and others
Dialogue Search API: RESTful web service enables Dialogue Search’s powerful search capabilities within any application
Proximity-based Search: Search for words or phrases spoken within a certain number of seconds of another
Shared searches: Share search results as a link that can be bookmarked, sent via email or saved for review
Search Result List View: In addition to the current thumbnail view, search results can be viewed in a more condensed and easier-to-review list view
Indexing Speed Improvements: New media assets will be ready for search up to 3x faster than previous versions of Dialogue Search
If you have a current support agreement, then you will receive Dialogue Search1.4 at no additional cost.


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