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Selective Rendering in Final Cut Pro X


here may be instances when you want to have more control over your renders.  Disable background rendering in FCPX and gain the ability to manually choose what clips you’d like to render.

Although background rendering an be useful for maximizing your time in the edit suite, you may want to have more fine tuned control over what FCPX renders and when.  Fortunately, background rendering can be enabled and disabled through the FCPX preferences pane. After disabling, you can select specific clips in your timeline to render.  Having control over this function is especially useful when working with long sequences or clips that have been heavily filtered.

  1. Open the Final Cut Pro X preferences menu.
  2. Under the Playback tab, deselect “background rendering” and then close the Preferences menu.
  3. Highlight clips in your FCPX timeline and use the shortcut CONTROL + R to render those selected clips!

Want to manually render all media in your project?
Use the shortcut SHIFT+CONTROL+R.

Once footage in your FCPX timeline is rendered the orange bar above it will disappear:

You can also see what percent has rendered in the small percent icon below the player window.
Double clicking on the percent will open the Background Processes menu.  This menu gives you access to all background tasks in FCPX — including the ability to pause rendering in the application (regardless if background rendering is enabled or not).
For more information and instructions check out our previous post, “Control Rendering and Background Tasks in Final Cut Pro X.”

Do you utilize background rendering in FCPX?
What are your favorite features of the application?
Let us know in the comments.


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