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10 Changes in Media Composer 7 You’ll Want to Use Right Now (Part 1) Media Composer 7


ByWim Van den Broeck on Monday, July 1st, 2013

he following is a guest contribution from editor, Wim Van den Broeck. With almost a decade of Media Composer experience in Belgium and Spain, Wim is currently a freelance editor in Madrid. He has a huge passion for the Avid Product Family, his main tool to achieve the best possible results for his clients. You can follow him as @editorbelga on Twitter.

With the launch of Media Composer 7 comes a whole bunch of exciting new features and enhancements that will improve your editing workflow. And while Avid always encourages you to read the What’s New document, we all know that editors don’t have time to “read manuals”.

That’s why I made 10 short video summaries of my top changes that come with Media Composer 7. Just a fast, quick, “What’s New” run-through to get familiar with this new release. Check out my first five below.

1. FrameFlex | Color Management

2. Dynamic Media Folders

3. Background Transcode/Consolidate

4. Cached Waveforms | Vertical Scroll Timeline

5. Audio Mixer | Clip Gain in Timeline

You can try out these changes with the free 30-day Media Composer 7 trial. If you have more questions about specific features, don’t hesitate to post them on the Avid Community.
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