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NAB 2013: JB&A, SNS, Square Box, Telestream


CreativeCOW presents NAB 2013: JB&A, SNS, Square Box, Telestream -- NAB Expo Editorial

NAB 2013: JB&A, SNS, Square Box, Telestream

Santa Monica California USA

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At JB&A’s annual Pre-NAB Special Event, the media management company brought together a range of companies representing the entire production/post pipeline, to show off a range of workflow solutions. Some of those companies included Christie, which showcased its new Phoenix content management system; Square Box, which unveiled Version 10.0 of its CatDV Digital Asset Management software; Studio Network Solutions (SNS), which debuted EVO v5, major hardware and OS upgrade to its EVO shared storage server; and Telestream, which introduced new products and capabilities for its Vantge video transcoding and workflow orchestration products.

Just prior to the opening of NAB 2013, JB&A hosted a gathering of companies that created an entire workflow. It was a logical step for the company whose services have been a mix of consulting, channel partner, solutions provider and distributor offering a n ecosystem of certified products and workflow solutions. Founded in 1996, JB&A has focused on media management and IP video distribution, with MAM, DAM, IPTV, streaming and digital signage markets. In addition to customized solutions, JB&A has also provided training and support.

Its Annual Pre-NAB Special Event, at the MGM Hotel, showcased technology solutions from 16 manufacturers including ChristieCache-A, Cambridge, CatDV, Exterity, FocalPoint, MarquisNevionNexidiaQuantum, Studio Network Solutions (SNS), Telestream, Tempest, ViewCastViewZ and ZeeVee.

“We are constantly bringing new and cutting edge technologies to market,” stated JB&A CEO Jeff Burgess. “With this event we tie them all together showcasing a complete product ecosystem that solves virtually every workflow need from ingest to distribution to collaboration to monetization.”

One highlight of the event was the new Christie Phoneix, a network-distributed open content management system for simultaneous encode, decode and display of audio-visual data enabling seamless access and control of audio-visual data, regardless of the user’s location, showcased by Christie, a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

CatDV Digital Asset Management.

Square Box Systems unveiled Version 10.0 of its CatDV Digital Asset Management software. Used to manage the tasks and decisions surrounding all aspects of the production process including ingest, logging, annotation, cataloguing, storage, project sharing, retrieval and distribution of all their digital assets, Version 10.0 is a major upgrade that was first previewed as a technology demonstration at IBC 2012, Version 10.0 features new pricing, improved integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and other NLE applications, an enhanced interface, and increased support, speed and accuracy for QuickTime. Other features include a pluggable exporter framework to support transcoding using different media libraries including QuickTime, Xuggle, and DirectShow; QuickTime movie exporter improvements with better control over frame size and the ability to create fast start flattened movies; and an updated interface for a consistent user interface across the whole CatDV product family. “CatDV is the virtual glue that holds today’s most complex workflows together,” said the recently appointed CEO Dave Clark.

The Nick Saban Show
The Nick Saban Show

Crimson Tide Productions. CTP’s production studio is an all digital workflow, no tape and made the transition from tape to digital about two years ago.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) debuted EVO v5, a major hardware and OS upgrade to its EVO shared storage server. EVO is designed for real-time use with applications including Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and ProTools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Smoke and Assimilate Scratch. This all-in-one box system combines nearly 2.5GB/s throughput and 4K support with connectivity options including 10 Gb/s Ethernet and 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel.

Studio Network Solutions EVO is a RAID-protected SAN + NAS shared media storage server. Shown above, the 8-bay. (8 SATA/SSD drive bays.)

… and the 16 SATA/SSD drive bays (Expandable)

V5 of EVO now offers the flexibility of built-in SAN and NAS, with features including volume/pool expansion, 128TB per node, project/bin sharing for OS X and Windows, RAID 6, and remote monitoring and setup. Shipping in 8-bay or 16-bay configurations, EVO v5 comes with 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB drives and supports RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 and 10. The new EVO v5 8-bay unit is priced starting at under $7,000 and, similar to its 16-bay edition, has no per-seat software licensing fees.

Telestream unveiled new products and capabilities for its Vantage video transcoding and workflow orchestration products, including a transcoder for IPTV and cable VOD workflows, new formats including HEVC, new integrations for QC, high-speed delivery and watermarking, as well as the ability to run all Vantage capabilities in the cloud – providing the ultimate tool for automated media workflows. Telestream now offers transcoding products for multiscreen, IPTV, edit, cable, and broadcast workflows.

Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD focuses on challenges specific to IPTV and cable Transport Stream transcoding, offering integrated Manzanita multiplexing and GPU-accelerated video compression for high quality at the lowest possible bit rates for IPTV distribution.

Telestream also announced several new formats for the Vantage transcoding product family, including HEVC H.265, updates to x264 H.264, plus AMWA AS-02 and AS-11, as well as DPP AS-11 MXF files. New capabilities allow Telestream to offer GPU-accelerated compression. Telestream also demonstrated new system integrations with Aspera faspexCinnafilmTachyon, Digimetrics Aurora, Interra Baton, VidChecker, Civolution, and Screen Subtitling, which now join over a dozen integrations already available for the Vantage engine. Telestream demonstrated the integration with VidCheck‘s second generation of VidChecker auto QC software. VidChecker QC software appears as an icon in the Vantage GUI, and users are able to select it as part of the Vantage workflow, choose the testing template, and then see the QC results within the Vantage interface.

Telestream’s new Vantage Cloud allows users to run Vantage video transcoding and workflow automation in cloud-based environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), unifying Vantage Cloud with on-premise systems.

A visit to JB&A’s Pre-NAB 2013 event was well worth the trek to the Mirage. JB&A has done a service to NAB visitors by bringing together a range of companies providing workflow solutions and enabling everyone to ask enough questions of on-site company representatives to build the right workflow for every solution. Square Box’s CatDV Version 10.0, SNS’s EVO V5, and Telestream’s many enhancements for its Vantage video transcoding family were some of the brightest highlights, but every company exhibiting at the Event had something valuable to show, and Christie validated the importance of the event by its exclusive showing of the new Phoenix technology.


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