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What’s Inhibiting the Adoption of Object Storage?



What’s Inhibiting the Adoption of Object Storage?


There seems to be wide agreement across the industry that object storage has the potential to provide major value to customers, particularly as customer data scales to reach petabytes of valuable – often distributed – content across a wide range of customer environments.

So there was an interesting discussion last week at the Next Generation Object Storage Summit about what’s inhibiting the adoption of object storage across the industry.  After a day and a half of (sometimes quite lively) discussion between analysts and industry participants, the top three inhibitors were summarized as: (1) general market awareness; (2) customer education about where the technology fits; and finally, (3) the availability of ‘on ramps’ to the technology, namely applications that will write to it.  There are few applications available in the market today that write to the REST interfaces that native object storage supports.  And while storage service providers are motivated enough to manage the production of these interfaces themselves, traditional production customers typically don’t have the resources (or patience) to manage this activity.

This is one of the reasons, of course, why a number of the vendors in the object storage space are ‘wrapping’ their object storage in traditional interfaces,…


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