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Tangent Color Support Package


Tangent Color Support Package

Support package for Apple Color

Although our panels do not need a driver to work with Mac OS X, they do need a plug-in to enable user customisation and the ability to communicate with Color. The plug-in is bundled together with a utility allowing customisation of the panel operation in a Mac OS X installation package called the Color Support Package.

Download the latest Support Package from our support page now.
Please note that Apple Color v1.5 or higher is required for the plug-in to function.

Customising the user interface couldn’t be simpler

The Panel Control Mapper tool included in the support package presents a graphical representation of the panels, just click on a control in the application and assign a Color parameter or action from the list. For controls that can be assigned to a knob or trackerball you can also set the sensitivity. Alternate parameters, actions and sensitivities can be programmed for activation when the ALT key is held down. All this can be done live, while Color is still running.

Multiple custom mappings are possible and thse are all stored within your home directory. This means that every user automatically has their own set of mappings.

Mapper for Wave

Mapper for CP200


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