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Tactical Fiber Systems A Leading Provider of Cost Effective Fiber Based Transmission Systems for Video Production


Tactical Fiber Systems A Leading Provider of Cost Effective Fiber Based Transmission Systems for Video Production

In the past , the use of fiber technology in video production was limited mainly to broadcasters and producers with deep pockets. But the recent availability of low cost fiber transmission components is a “game changer” that enables us to deliver value priced fiber systems that anyone can afford. TFS strives to make the selection process fast & easy with cost effective cables and combination packages shipped directly to you from our factory in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our Tactical Fiber cables are military grade and perfect for repeat use in the field.They are highly durable, protected by kevlar and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Yet, they are lightweight, compact and easily transportable — i.e a 500 foot TFS reel weighs only 18 pounds and requires a square foot of space. TFS tactical fiber cables meet strict testing standards to satisfy a variety of applications – from military use to sporting events to corporate commercials.

We value our customers and strive to exceed their expectations. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist you in selecting a product and/or package that suits your specific needs and budget.

Tactical Fiber Products

Tactical Fiber & Reel

Tactical Fiber cable reels with Duplex LC Connectors

TFS Military grade single mode tactical fiber in lengths of 250′ to 2000′ delivered on a premium quality Schill reel for all your broadcasting and studio needs. Each reel contains 15′ of cable on the side of the reel. Reel-out just what you need to a camera and then connect the 15′ to the studio side. Compatible with all Blackmagic-Design, AJA, Multidyne and Telecast products with LC Duplex Inputs. (Termination with ST or FC connectors available.)

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Neutrik Tactical Fiber and Reel

Tactical Fiber cable reels with Neutrik opticalCON Duo Connectors

TFS Military grade Tactical Fiber is now available with Neutrik opticalCON connectors in lengths of 250 to 2,000 feet offering the ultimate protection against dirt and physical damage during remote video production. Compatible with Blackmagic-Design ATEM Camera/Studio converters equipped withTFS Neutrik opticalCON Cable Adapters / opticalCON Patch Panels. Also compatible with Telecast and Microdyne systems equipped with Neutrik opticalCON sockets.

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SDI to Fiber Transceivers

ATEM Camera Converter

  • Provides fiber based connectivity for cameras with SDI or HDMI outputs up to 28 miles!
  • Transceives Bi-Directional HD/SD-SDI or HDMI video, intercom and two audio signals!
  • Battery and AC powered. Battery charge lasts about 5 hours. Optional external battery for 17 hours of continuous operation available.
  • Solves long distance connectivity problems for any venue requiring camera runs more than the approximately 300′ limit of copper coaxial cable.

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Neutrik Camera Adapter

for ATEM Camera Converter (Patent Pending)

TFS’s patent pending Neutrik opticalCON Cable Adapter converts the duplex LC socket on the ATEM Camera Converter to a Neutrik opticalCON socket for use with TFS Tactical Fiber cables terminated with opticalCON connectors. Neutrik’s opticalCON connectors are self-protected against contamination offering the ultimate protection against dirt and physical damage during remote video production. More expensive, but well worth it in the long run!

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Quad Base Module

ATEM Studio Converter – Quad Base Module

  • Contains FOUR Independent Optical Fiber converters in a one rack unit chassis to connect up to FOUR ATEM Camera Converters
  • Includes a built-in two way intercom to all cameras.
  • Can be interconnected to additional ATEM Studio Converters for connection to an unlimited number of ATEM Camea Converters. One Studio Converter will handle up to 4 Camera Converters. Two Studio Converters handle up to 8 Camera Converters, etc.

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opticalCon Patch Panel

TFS opticalCON Patch Panel for ATEM Studio Converter

Converts ATEM Studio Converter’s LC sockets to Neutrik opticalCON sockets. Available with four or eight opticalCON sockets. Use it with camera converters modified with TFS opticalCON Socket Adapter kits and TFS Tactical Fiber with Neutrik opticalCON connectors.

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ClearComm Interface

ClearCom / RTS Intercom Interface

Communicate with your camera crew on both fiber and wired ClearCom or RTS party line systems using a single headset!
The TFS ClearCom/RTS Interface links the Blackmagic-Design Studio Converter or single Camera Converter System to a wired ClearCom or RTS party line system. It includes a patch cable that connects to the headset/mic inputs of either a Studio Converter (when used with multi-fiber links) or a Camera Converter (when used with single fiber links). A standard 3 pin XLR cable connects it to any standard ClearCom or RTS 3 pin XLR Base Station or Belt-Pak connections. It’s self-powered by the ClearCom or RTS connection and does not require additional external power.

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Multi-Camera System

Multi-Camera System

Each custom configured TFS system includes one or more Base Modules, a number of Camera Interfaces with built-in battery power as desired, Intercom Headsets and TFS tactical fiber on reels for easy deployment.

Camera Interfaces connect to Base Modules located near your switcher. Each single 1 RU (rack-unit) Base Module communicates with up to four camera interfaces which can be daisy chained to communicate with any number of camera interfaces. Customize your system with a choice of 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 or 2,000 foot reels of our durable but lightweight tactical fiber.

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Single-Camera System

Single Camera System

Free your camera from the constraints of copper cable and be miles from your switcher!

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