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SkyTech Media Is a proud reseller of Cambridge Imaging Systems


SkyTech Media Is a proud reseller of Cambridge Imaging Systems

Imagen2 Media Asset Management and Publishing System

Enterprise and cloud solutions for video, image and audio publishing – make the most of your assets with Imagen2

+Cambridge Imaging Systems have been at the forefront of media asset management for 20 years.

+Our modular MAM software enables content owners to easily publish and monetise large-scale media archives in a branded web interface – in the cloud or self hosted.

Imagen2 is an off-the-shelf Media Asset Management, archive and publishing solution providing a cost effective way to manage all of your media assets – from ingest all the way through to browse, retrieval, output and distribution via the www. Our technology has been developed working on large-scale projects for corporate, educational and government clients.

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  • An archive for all your media

    Imagen2 can store, manage and distribute a wide range of video, image, audio and document file formats.

  • Unlimited workflows

    Build bespoke workflows using the drag-and-drop Workflow Editor to create multiple ingest and output jobs.

  • Feature-rich web interface

    Distribute and commercialise your digital assets over the world wide web with the highly customisable ImagenWeb interface.

  • Automatic file conversion

    Imagen2’s powerful transcoder module automatically creates browse quality copies of your master files.

  • Database agnostic

    Imagen2 has been designed to integrate with standard third party databases such as MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle and Adlib

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