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New in CatDV 10 / Server 6.7


New in CatDV 10 / Server 6.7

CatDV 10.0 is a major upgrade to our award-winning media asset management and production workflow software, including the following improvements to make it easier to set up and use than ever before.

CatDV 10.0 New Features
  • Improved integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and AVID Media Composer
  • New pluggable exporter framework to support transcoding using different media libraries including QuickTime, Xuggle, and DirectShow.
  • QuickTime movie exporter improvements (such as better control over frame size and the ability to create fast start flattened movies)
  • New grey “Slate” look and feel used for a consistent user interface across the whole CatDV product family
  • Improved Cache-A support, including library support
  • QuickTime improvements, such as support for filenames containing Unicode characters and audio scrubbing when dragging the playhead
  • CatDV Pro 10 and Worker Node 5 now share the same engine, providing consistency in functionality and appearance between the two products
  • Support for HTTP streaming proxies as an alternative to mounting proxies via the file system
  • Integrated Disk Space Tool for scanning folders and reporting which files use the most space
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Use CatDV 10 together with the new Enterprise Server 6.7 for the following benefits, designed to make it easier to deploy CatDV in a corporate environment:

CatDV Server 6.7
  • Integrate with an LDAP Active Directory server and log on to the CatDV Server with your network credentials
  • Use the CatDV Server as a license server, avoiding the need to manage license codes on each client machine
  • Optional support for customising the fields and tabs shown in the Web Client based on production group settings
  • Improved server control panel makes it easier to configure the server
  • Improved installer for the CatDV Server under Windows
  • Support for using Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle instead of MySQL as the database

Some of these features may require 3rd party software or additional license options.

Availability and pricing

CatDV 10 is available for download now.

Users who purchased CatDV on or after April 15, 2012 can download and use CatDV 10 with their existing license, otherwise existing standalone users can upgrade to CatDV Pro 10.0 . Please contact your reseller if you are using a Workgroup or Enterprise Server system.

If you’re currently on an older version and upgrade to CatDV 10 you will obviously benefit from the improvements made in CatDV 9 and earlier also.


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