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Looking for Tangent Devices & Tangent Wave?

Get in touch with your software…
A mouse or a pen and tablet is not always the fastest or easiest way to use your colour grading software.
Wouldn’t it be better if
you had something real
to get a hold of?
Well, the range of panels from Tangent allows you to do just that.
…with a panel from Tangen

About Tangent Devices & Tangent Wave

Both companies are design houses, dedicated to providing quality solutions for the visual post-production industry worldwide. Founding members, Andy Knox and Chris Rose have been working in the industry since 1991 and have drawn on this experience to develop several class-leading product lines.

Synergy, our first product, won a DTI Smart award for innovation and our control surfaces have become the panels of choice for many software based colour grading systems. We have also developed bespoke hardware and software solutions for several partners who chose us for our flexibility and speed of response.

Both companies are based near Luton, just to the north of London in the UK.


The Wave Control Panel The Wave Control Panel The Wave Control Panel
ElementYou’d expect that having a compact design means having to compromise ergonomics, features and control size. With the Element range, there is no compromise. The vWave iPad app Control Apple’s Color with your iPad.
 Lite version is FREE to download from iTunes!.
The Wave Control PanelStylish enough to look good in any grading suite and compact enough to be used for on-set grading, you’ll find all the controls you’d expect from a colour grading panel without compromising on the essential ergonomics.
 More…  More…  More…
CP200 Modular Control Panel Range CP100 Generic Control Panel The Wave Control Panel
CP200 Modular Control Panel RangeThis modular range is designed to accommodate the requirements of users who need only certain features of the CP100, or who wish maximise the use of a physical interface by combining as many panel modules as they need, creating a panel set to exceed the capabilities of the CP100. CP100 Control PanelThe CP100 control panel provides an ergonomic user interface to any software package that requires a wide range of input controls at the operator’s fingertips. More intuitive than using just a pen and tablet, it can increase operator efficiency. Apple Color Support Package Control Apple’s Color from Wave, CP200 or vWave.
 Customise how your panels control Color.
If you want to use any of our products with Apple Color then you’ll need this.

For more information please contact me or fill out the information below.


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