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DXi6800 Deduplication Series

The industry’s most scalable, efficient, and highest performing disk backup and deduplication solution.

DXi6802 deduplication appliance provides:

  • Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability | Simple, predictable & easy-to-install storage capacity
  • Broad Capacity Range | 3TB drives deliver greater storage density with reduced power consumption
  • Best-in-Class Performance | Up to 16.3TB/hour reduces pressure on backup window
  • Comprehensive Data Security | Self-encrypting drives protect against data breach, data is encrypted during replication
  • Improved Data Availability | Hot spare drive capacity enables continued backup & restore operations

DXi6802 Deduplication Appliance Key Feature Details

Increased Upper Capacity Increase data retention periods for faster restore
3TB Drives Backup storage consumes less rack space and less power
Hot Spare Automatic replacement of a failing/failed disk drive to enable continued backup and restore operations without unplanned system degradation
Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) Data-at-Rest security protects against data breach from physical removal of disk drives
Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability License-based, cost-effective capacity increments to manage data growth and provide storage capacity provisioning
Reconfigurable PTT ports Flexible network attach with increased fan-in ports for ingest
Best-in-Class Performance Manage growth in constrained backup window. 16.3TB/hr (OST) provides fastest in-class performance
Bundled Licensing Provides lower total end-user cost and simpler end-user integration
Path-to-Tape (PTT) Integrated disk to tape functionality for offsite DR, archive and compliance
End-to-end data validation End-to-end data verification and correction capabilities (hardware and software features) designed to deliver high levels of data integrity throughout the end-user data lifecycle 

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