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QLogic 10000 Series Adapter Enterprise Solution is groundbreaking!


 QLogic 10000 Series Adapters

QLogic 10000 Series

The QLogic 10000 Series 8Gb Adapter is a ground-breaking enterprise-ready solution that combines QLogic’s market-leading Fibre Channel adapter, intelligent caching and I/O management with connectivity to a server-based PCIe flash card to dramatically increase application performance. The QLogic FabricCache Adapter is a PCIe-based Fibre Channel Adapter that caches SAN data to accelerate server I/O access. The Adapter delivers accelerated caching offloads with adapter hardware, and provides shared caching for clustered, virtualized, and distributed workloads across the data center.

QLE10000 adapter highlights include:

  • Simplified server-based flash caching implementation uses a single driver model in the operating system (OS) software stack.
  • Caching offload to adapter hardware accelerates performance without consuming additional server memory or CPU cycles, while minimizing the quantity of I/Os processed in the server.
  • Hot data located close to the application increases workload performance and throughput, while improving storage performance and utilization.
  • Provisioning cache data pools across multiple servers allows clustered applications (Oracle RAC, DB2 pureScale, and VMware) to seamlessly share server-based flash memory.
  • Seamlessly integrates data on server-based flash memory with the SAN.
  • Uses QLogic’s enterprise proven Fibre Channel driver stack and 8Gbps to PCI Express technology.

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