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Preserve with Atempo Digital Archive


Simplify Management of Your Video & Multimedia Files

Atempo’s digital archive and backup products protect and preserve valuable content throughout all stages of your workflows, from protecting newly ingested footage to archiving completed projects. Whether you’re a small post-production boutique or a broadcast media giant, Atempo data management solutions scale to fit your needs. With Atempo, you can be sure data will never be lost and all content will remain accessible not only during edit—but also perpetually in a long-term archive.

Preserve with Atempo Digital Archive

Atempo Digital Archive allows you to move content from primary storage to near-line and deep archival storage—both disk and tape. With Atempo Digital Archive, you can maximize storage capacity, especially for high definition workflows, while preserving content for later re-use.

Atempo Digital Archive also offers a drag-and-drop user interface that allows editors to archive completed projects directly from primary storage—and retrieve projects archived by others. In addition, Atempo Digital Archive can automatically migrate files based on policies you set up specifically for your environment, such as file age, owner or type. Atempo Digital Archive also offers a plug-in to Apple’s Final Cut Server that allows you to archive projects or individual assets using the Final Cut Server user interface. The plug-in also allows archiving to tape, not just local disk, directly from Final Cut Server.

Protect with Atempo Time Navigator

Atempo Time Navigator allows you to protect data that changes daily—from editing project files and render files on your editing systems to your asset management system’s catalog and proxy files. Designed with file restore in mind, Atempo Time Navigator allows you to “time navigate” to view file history at various points in time. With Atempo Time Navigator, your editors can be self-sufficient in restoring lost files and your asset management can be fully protected from hardware failure.

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