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Phocus software provides all the power, performance and advanced tools that photographers desire in an easy-to-use and attractive working environment, making even the largest files simple to handle.

With Phocus, getting the most detailed files from the world’s most advanced cameras to your desktop is in fact a very simple process. And in Phocus processing and working with these images is also simple and intuitive.We have designed Phocus to work the way that photographers work and to provide serious photographers with a well thought out, and intuitive workflow, designed to provide maximum power and options with a minimum of effort. Using Phocus allows you to get more from the worlds most detailed image files and to achieve groundbreaking new levels of image quality and technical precision. And when combined with the world’s finest optics and image sensors the result is exactly what you would expect from Hasselblad – simply stunning image quality.


Features in Phocus 2.7 Mac & PC

Ultimate Image Quality

  • Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS)
  • Sophisticated lens corrections for H and V system lenses (DAC)
  • Advanced Tethered Camera Controls
  • Phocus Mobile *

Specialized Tools

  • Live Video
  • Scene calibration & reproduction tools
  • Leading edge Moiré removal
  • Highlight recovery, shadow fill, clarity and dust spot removal tools
  • Camera configuration tool

And much, much more..

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive customization options for individual workflow scenarios
  • Import/Export of Image Adjustments, Keywords, Workflow settings etc.
  • High quality printing
  • Slide show
  • Supports RAW files from more than 150 DSLR cameras***
  • License free software (unlimited installations – no registration issues)

Phocus Mobile

Phocus Mobile is our mobile version of Phocus and is available for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. Phocus Mobile enables you to connect wirelessly to a computer running Phocus and to remotely browse, rate, pan and zoom your high-resolution RAW, JPEG and TIFF images.


This provides an incredibly handy solution for working with clients in the studio, enabling each person to view images on an individual iOS device, rather than all gathering around a single computer.

Phocus Mobile is much more than just a remote viewer. Phocus Mobile also allows users to remotely operate and trigger a tethered camera, giving control of exposure mode, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO, metering mode and other important capture parameters, all neatly presented in a virtual camera display. This feature is very convenient for remote control of the camera when it’s located in a difficult-to-access position. Phocus Mobile is available for free download at the App Store.

Any File from Anywhere!

Phocus allows you to import your files, RAW or otherwise, into Phocus, and work in the same powerful and intuitive processing environment, no matter where your files are coming from. This means that you can browse, handle, adjust, and process all kinds of RAW images and Phocus will even support most standard non-RAW formats such as TIFF, JPEG, DNG and the like**.

In fact, Phocus supports RAW files from more than 150 cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, and so on***, as well as the most common file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, DNG, and PNG, making it easier than ever to work as you see fit, not as your camera dictates.

Ultimate Image Quality

Phocus combines with Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) and Digital Auto Correction (DAC) to provide ultimate image quality in every image you create. Phocus enhances image resolution and delivers perfect pixels, providing the perfect base for optimal image rendering and further processing. With Phocus, the moiré that can occur on even extremely high-resolution images is effectively removed automatically and directly on the raw data, leaving image quality intact and saving hours of tedious post-production work.

Tethered shooting is also very smooth with Phocus Remote camera controls providing a number of remote functions, such as remote focusing, live view, aperture and exposure time controls, etc.TextImg3

Phocus Quick

Phocus Quick allows you to get a preview of your images from your camera to your screen at the touch of a button. Your original images (in RAW format) are still on your memory card and can be backed up to your computer automatically if you wish. Either way, you can view and review in Phocus Quick to your heart’s content and still go back later and fine-tune your images. The perfect combination of ease of use and peace of mind!

To download your free copy of Phocus or to simply find out more about the new additions to this powerful software, click on the links to the right.


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