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Fujinon Image Processing Systems IS-100


IS-100** (marketed under the name “CCBOXX” in North America) enables high-precision color management in digital motion picture shooting of feature films, TV shows and commercials.

It consists of a hardware unit that delivers high-speed and high-precision image processing and an accompanying iPad™*** app. The system accurately presents the colors that would appear on cinema screens on the on-set monitor, and offers intuitive operations to easily adjust the tones, saturation, contrast and other details by using the iPad™ as a controller. The on-set capability for color correction, which is normally handled in post-production, is expected to bring innovation to the processes for motion picture production.


High-precision preview function

  • Reproduce final rendered images on-set for live viewing
  • Based on IIF-ACES frame-work for maximum flexibility
  • Built-in monitor calibration with easy operation

On-set grading function

  • Real time color correction control via iPad™
  • Supporting ASC-CDL parameters
  • Original intuitive

Image analyzing function

  • View pixel information via iPad touch interface
  • One-touch camera calibration
  • Show image frame grabs along with view

Export function

  • Export all necessary information to reproduce the look at spot
  • Including final grading LUTs, daily LUTs, and snapshot images
  • Guarantee exactly the same color between on-set and post




System configuration

[Chart] System configuration

Export function

IS-100 (CCBOXX) export all of the necessary data for reproducing exactly the same image created on set at post production and daily system, including snap-shot of original camera image and rendered image for reference.

[Chart] Export function

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