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ATTO/Adobe Storage Solutions

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium users can recognize the full potential of the video production software toolkit by using an ATTO ExpressSAS™ SAS/SATA RAID Adapter or HBA. ATTO fully supports this approach by making the most comprehensive storage connectivity tools available for creative pro workflows today.


High productivity in the post-production pipeline is what Adobe CS6 Production Premium is all about. Keeping the storage pipeline full is what ATTO is all about. ATTO supports the most demanding storage connectivity requirements for CS6 Production Premium tapeless workflows, connectivity for a broad range of capture and edit formats, and the ability to work with other NLEs without having to swap out hardware

Adobe CS6 Production Premium has pushed the performance envelope by launching a native 64-bit application. ATTO’s 64-bit Mac and Windows driver support ensures that connectivity to disk or tape storage systems will be seamless. The ATTO Config tool helps users take advantage of a user-friendly interface tool to fine tune performance settings in virtually any environment.

Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology ensures manages latency by providing controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming to maintain the highest consistent performance, This means working with Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects that ATTO users will never be disappointed in the data transfer performance from ATTO’s entire product portfolio. Additionally, ATTO ESAS RAID and ATTO FastStream Storage Controllers manage latencies while offering data protected peace-of-mind. Adobe Premiere Pro and AfterEffects users can rest assured that time and effort spent working on a project be easily retrievable in the event of a catastrophic failure.

  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility

Broad Range of Capture and Edit Formats for Premiere Pro CS6 – Tapeless Workflow

Aspect Ratio

  • Maximize storage connectivity performance and minimize latencies to optimize CS6 high performance tapeless workflows
  • ATTO HBAs offer seamless driver support for 64-bit Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Meet performance needs to edit in any format, SD, HD, 2K, 4K and beyond
  • Support for demanding hardware accelerated systems environments
  • ATTO aligns with Adobe third-party capture card hardware integration compatibility, AJA, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, Matrox.

Storage Connectivitiy options for CS6 Production Premium Tapeless Workflows

  • Enable a collaborative workflow – share SAS/SATA JBOD storage among several workstations without the need for a Fibre Channel switch
  • High performance data protection – provides RAID protection while maintaining application performance
  • Supports full stream counts in degraded mode – minimize downtime so projects finish on time
  • Proactive Media Error Handling – DriveAssure™ prevents RAID Groups from becoming degraded to ensure uninterrupted access to media
  • Latency-management ADS™ technology – manages real-time system performance to maximize shared storage performance
  • Supports many video types – edit up to 5 streams of 10-bit uncompressed high-definition
  • Easy-to-use – ExpressNAV™ Storage Manager for setup, management and maintenance of all RAID Groups

Multiple workstations Mac workstation direct attached

Fully Supported Open Workflows for Adobe CS6 Production Premium

When it comes to demanding storage connectivity for editing, ATTO is the leader. No matter which tools you elect to use to complete your project, you can rely on ATTO for greater stability and interoperability. Use an ATTO… it just works!

ATTO’s comprehensive compatibility list can be found here.

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