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Adobe Anywhere for video


What is Adobe Anywhere?

Adobe® Anywhere is a modern, collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Adobe professional video solutions to work together, using centralized media, across virtually any network.

Harness the power of worldwide connectivity to boost your enterprise workgroup’s creativity. Adobe Anywhere allows you to bring teams of talent together to collaborate and create productions from virtually any location where there is network connectivity. With Adobe Anywhere, editors, visual effects artists, and other video professionals can use local or remote networks to simultaneously access, stream, and work with remotely stored media. No need for heavy file transfers, duplicate media, or proxy files.

Adobe Anywhere operates across standard networks and requires no proprietary hardware. Its collaborative capabilities are embedded directly in future versions of Adobe Premiere® Pro, Prelude™, and After Effects®*, eliminating the need for team members to learn new video software tools. For complete control and security, Adobe Anywhere is hosted on-premises with other enterprise media storage and asset management infrastructure.

Enterprise organizations that use Adobe Anywhere will need to have the latest versions of Adobe video software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. These video applications, along with other leading Adobe creative tools, are available through membership in Adobe Creative Cloud™.

Revolutionizing real-time, collaborative video production


Enable efficient deep collaboration

Empower your enterprise team to work together on media in real time. With instant access to shared assets and project information, your team can deliver higher quality productions in less time.


Work with standard hardware and industry-leading tools

Work with Adobe’s cross-platform professional video tools to log, edit, and share video productions. Adobe Anywhere is open and designed to augment existing infrastructure and integrate with standard IT hardware, software, and networks.

Build teams based on talent, not location

Build teams based on talent, not location

Assign the right talent to your project, regardless of location. Editors, motion graphic artists, and producers now have the freedom to collaborate wherever they have connectivity, leveraging standard networks from high-bandwidth LAN to Wi-Fi.

Virtual team collaboration

  • Enhance collaboration on your production workflows. Adobe® Anywhere lets teams of video professionals within your organization work with media simultaneously in a shared environment.

Centrally managed media and project information

  • Increase efficiency and lower costs by using shared, centralized resources. Free team members to work with more portable and cost-effective hardware. Reduce your storage and network costs by sharing IT infrastructure.

Global access to media

  • Eliminate the delay of transferring or duplicating files across locations with the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine. Avoid the expense and hassle of proxy files. Team members nondestructively edit media on the Adobe Anywhere Server from facility workstations or on laptops in the field — wherever they have connectivity.

Integration with industry-leading Adobe tools

  • Streamline your team’s workflow. Adobe Anywhere integrates directly into the user interface of Adobe Premiere® Pro, Prelude™, and After Effects®*, so editors, visual effects artists, and loggers can collaborate more efficiently without learning new software.

Adaptive bandwidth usage

  • Maintain real-time playback in variable network conditions. The Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine automatically adjusts quality to optimize for the available bandwidth.

Integration with existing infrastructure

  • Augment existing hardware and systems to transform your production workflows most effectively. Adobe Anywhere is designed to work with the infrastructure you have in place, simplifying implementation.

Support for standard systems and processes

  • Work with standard resources. Adobe Anywhere is an open, collaborative workflow platform designed to work in an enterprise environment without special hardware. A modern, REST-based API allows integration with common workflow systems and MAMs.

Scalable architecture

  • Improve performance or add users at any time. Adobe Anywhere is designed to scale predictably to match the needs of your production team.

User-rights control

  • Choose who can access production media. Grant or remove access rights based on individual and team needs, or integrate with rights management systems such as LDAP.

Easy-to-use versioning system

  • Use version control features that significantly reduce project conflicts and make it easy to revert to older versions when necessary.

Activity feeds

  • Keep up to date with the latest team activity. Users can easily see what has been recently edited, ingested, or changed in shared video productions.

User interface customization

  • Customize Adobe Anywhere for your team’s specific needs. Programming APIs let you create user interfaces for tablets, the web, and Adobe professional video tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Prelude, and After Effects.*

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