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Sonnet Qio – A field must have


Qio Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer Plus eSATA Controller

Key Features

Replaces Multiple Card Readers—Comprehensive memory card compatibility with support for Sony® SxS; Panasonic® P2; CompactFlash; SDHC and SDXC cards (with included adapter); XQD (with adapter, sold separately)

Fast—Uses PCI Express® bus interface to deliver superior performance; aggregate bandwidth of 200 MB/sec.

Choice of Interfaces—Qio package includes your choice of interface; PCI Express 2.0 card for desktops, ExpressCard/34 for notebooks, or Thunderbolt for any Mac with a Thunderbolt port

Mac and Windows Compatible—Qio works with in your workflow, regardless the platform you’ve chosen

Built-in SATA Connections—Connect media readers with an eSATA interface

Small and Rugged—Strong aluminum case measures just 5.9″ x 6.2″ x 1.22″

Security—Slot for Kensington and similar security locks to secure the device and deter theft

Multiple Slots, Quick Input and Output

Sonnet’s Qio is a multi-tasking marvel; this is the industry’s first device that supports all major HD video memory card formats in one compact, high-performance device. Qio reads from just about any memory card—SxS, P2(2), CompactFlash®, SDHC™ and SDXC™—and external media readers with an eSATA interface, all at high speed. Replacing multiple standalone card readers, Qio’s dual P2, SxS, and CF slots enable you to ingest files more efficiently, and the included SD card adapter handles SDHC and SDXC media. Qio reads files from any combination of cards with aggregate bandwidth up to 200 MB/sec., much faster than FireWire® or USB 2.0 adapters are capable.

Choice of Interface

Qio is available with your choice of a PCIe interface card for desktops, an ExpressCard/34 interface for notebooks, or a Thunderbolt interface adapter (with included Thunderbolt cable) for any Mac with a Thunderbolt™ port. With the purchase of an additional Qio PCIe adapter cardExpressCard/34 card, or Thunderbolt adapter, you can move your Qio from suite to suite, and then to location and back again without breaking a sweat. No matter where you use it, Qio will quickly become an essential tool in your workflow.

Mac and Windows Compatible

Sonnet’s Qio offers cross-platform compatibility, extending its usefulness on location and in the studio. Whether you’re using a MacBook Pro®, HP Z800 or Mac Pro®, or any Mac with a Thunderbolt port, the Qio fits seamlessly into your workflow.

eSATA Connections

Qio includes four eSATA ports, perfect for connecting media readers with an eSATA interface, such as the RED STATION REDMAG 1.8″ and 2.5″.

Travel and Desktop Companion

This Sonnet pro media reader is small—about the size of three stacked CD cases—and takes up so little space, you can use it just about anywhere. It’s rugged, too—the robust aluminum case easily withstands heavy use. For desktop use, a universal 12V output AC power supply with wall plugs for US, Japan, Europe, UK and Australia use is included. For battery-powered operation, an optional XLR 4-pin adapter cable can route battery power to the Qio. This pro media reader even incorporates a slot for Kensington® and similar security locks to secure the device and deter theft.

Media Cards

Qio Read Performance

P2 Card (Mac) 25 MB/sec
P2 Card (Windows) 50 MB/sec
CF Card 85 MB/sec
2X CF Card 170 MB/sec
SxS Card 90 MB/sec
2X SxS Card 180 MB/sec

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